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    My wife and I both are taking online college classes so today she logged in to the web site on her HTC Hero and was able to access all the functions on the site. Now when she was looking at getting an upgrade from her instinct we tried at the store to access the site and it wouldnt let you open up and read the materal it would just let you log in and that was it. Now that all my Pre allows me to do, I can log in but not review the material.

    So what is my Pre missing that the HTC Hero has that allows it to do this? Is it FLASH?

    just wondering if the new update is what is keeping me from being able to read class work when I am away from my computer.
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    Sounds like it's Flash - don't worry, before the end of February we'll have Flash too.
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    ...I didn't think even Andriods had FLASH yet...

    Must be something else
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    The Hero has been Flash enabled for some months now - there are a handful of other devices that can do it also.
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    the Hero has Flash lite. What that basically means is that only the very basic of basic of flash used on websites will work. The Pre, in February, will be the very first mobile device to have a full 100% flash implementation. Which means any and every flash element online will work. You name it, it will work pretty much.
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