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    Ok, so I can't explain this at all, but I just found this so crazy I had to bring it up here. I had Sprint Nav running along with a website, texts, and a few other apps running. I got a phone call, transferred it to my bluetooth headset and talked for a bit. I switched back over to one of the other apps while I was on the phone and out of no where, my phone just hangs. I was kinda surprised since I've never really had it crash on me since I got it, but at least my phone call didn't hang up. So i kept talking and my phone just goes to the palm rebooting screen. I figure I was definitely going to lose my phone call now, but sure enough I'm still talking! I was like... ***? My phone is literally rebooting and I'm still talking. Gets all the way to the opening screen and I'm still talking. It hangs on that screen and all I get is green. Eventually I got off the phone, and a minute later my phone goes back to normal as if nothing ever happened. I guess I figure it was just Luna or something that rebooted, but I can't believe the phone part was still able to stay connected through all of that! I gotta give the Pre some credit on that one. Anyone else ever had anything like this? I know if I had my old Treo, I sure as heck would not still be talking to that person. Pretty stoked about it.
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    I had somewhat similar experience. I was taking on the call. hen the second call came along. Put the first one on hold , switched to second and kept talking. then switched back to first. Then the thirds call came, the phone app crashed , the phone as a whole hung, but the third call continued. Had to reset to fix this issue. Something weird with the phone app.
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    i agree... pretty cool!! luna prob took a dive lol

    The phone app is def a little laggy/suspect and needs some work
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    Quote Originally Posted by antonio3 View Post
    i agree... pretty cool!! luna prob took a dive lol

    The phone app is def a little laggy/suspect and needs some work
    yea, figured that. It was a decent enough recovery for me though, so i can't complain. As long as I don't lose the call completely I'm a happy camper.
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    yup, definitely a luna restart. Never tried this, but I want to now - perform a luna restart in the middle of a call. Shod work fine since luna is just the ui.

    So, your phone didn't truly "reboot".

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