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    yeah i went back to using the stock music player i felt that the remix version was slowing my phone down too, now i dont see much lag at all only at initial start of the music app
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChemEngr View Post
    Nice reply there bud. But from the previous posts, sounds like you had no clue. I normally don't post negatives here. But seriously? You never mentioned you rebooted - not one time. Tough guy? Please dude, I never called you names either. Wanna meet somewhere now or something, TOUGH GUY?
    And you're asking me how old I am? Please. You're the one that started with the insults. If you read alijahg34's post, he said, "I suggest a battery pull". I responded saying that I would give it a try. Sue me if I didn't say that I did try a reboot, but like I said, I prefer not to do a freakin 10 min reboot every time I listen to music. I was merely looking for a faster way to reboot, which is why I asked if the luna restart would reset the memory. I started this thread to see if any other people were having the same issue that I was. I don't care how many posts you have or how many times you've been thanked, next time just keep it to yourself.
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