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    I jsut bought a Pre. I was used for a short time by the previous owner. Everything is wonderful about the new phone. The sprint store said it looks like it had been hacked. There is a large apple logo that appears when I turn it on and it runs in the background. The icons on the bottom of the screen do not match up with the standard pre set up. Also, the signal strength bars do not show up. Does anyone have experience with this? Everything works wonderfully with the phone. I don't know how to fix it and either does the Sprint store.
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    they sold you a used phone ?? thats not legal as far as i know man!! lol but if it has been loaded with preware and you want that stuff back to factory then just load webos doctor and run it or just do a hard reset aqnd be happy lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Sprint sold you an Iphone, maybe. More likely, its probably a Iphone tweaked theme left over from the previous owner. Where did you purchase it from?
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    I'm assuming you bought the phone used from a private party, not Sprint.

    Sounds like the previous owner installed a theme on it, which is no big deal. Look for an icon called Preware, if it's there you can easily remove the theme by using Preware. If not, you will need to download WebOS Quick Install to your computer and use that to remove the theme.
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    Personally, I think you should forget about PreWare, erase your phone, and apply WebOS Doctor.
    • Back up any pictures or music you have on the USB drive
    • Turn off backups, and do a full system erase (this will completely erase the USB drive, and all of your entires, but those changes won't sync to Palm's backup profile for you)
    • Download WebOS Doctor, and apply that. (This will completely erase the WebOS, and basically give you a "like new" system).
    • Re-enable the profile on your device, and your paid apps will download.
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    It's probably the webosx apple theme. You might have a hard time reverting back to the default theme from that one if you're using webos quickinstaller.

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