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    I just received my Pre. I was trying out one and finally decided to purchase one for me. I love it. It is running the 1.3.1 software. I just spent the day installing apps and patches with the quick install. I then realized that it wasn't the newest version software. My question is do I have to uninstall all homebrew apps and patches before updating software. Second should i just wait until the 1.4 release comes out or do i need 1.3.5
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    You need to uninstall patches, but not the homebrew apps.

    I suspect that your Pre will try to automatically update itself to 1.3.5, unless you keep preventing it from doing so. Since we don't know exactly when 1.4 will hit, I'm not sure it's practical to wait.

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    and also...if you want to get your hands on playing 3d need to update to It's worth it. Hope you enjoy!!

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