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    Well. Just came back from Verizon again. 3rd time i've exchanged it (ie 4th pre). Each one has had some sort of hardware flaw but I love the OS too much to give up.

    First time - Imperfection in the screen - looked like dirt under the screen

    Second time - Stuck pixels and yellow splotches when the device was warm.

    Third time - the screen would click when it was in a closed position. The gap between the too layers was too much.

    At the store, they told me that this would be my last exchange (something I find understandable), but knowing it was my last, I carefully inspected 3 more units before finding my current one. The first, stuck pixel, the second, wobbly screen. Hopefully this one's the charm.

    Anyone else having any problems with their pre plus?
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    Okay I just got to ask? You are not married are you... cause you will be changing in your spouse every other week... lmao

    Glad you found a good one... Pre that is!
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    Sounds familiar :P
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    i just came over from an iphone 3g and have had no problems whatsoever so far. i even tried the droid but kept coming back to the pre.
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    So your this is your first post ever on here? Stange.
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    Had to return my first Pre Plus. Bad backlighting on the bottom of the screen. #2 looks good !
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    I haven't had any issues with mine so far. I dumped my BlackBerry for the Droid and then dumped my Droid for my Pre Plus and am loving it!
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    Yep. first post ever, but long time reader. I've been waiting for a pre on verizon ever since it came out. Verizon was actually very good about all the exchanges, and I don't think it's asking too much for a phone to still look and feel solid within the first week. Not married. Don't think those exchanges go as easily.

    BTW, love the pre. it's the best phone i've ever had. Just wish the hardware was a bit more consistent across phones. There's a reason i didn't switch to a droid or anything of the like.
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    Love my Pre... Loved my wife... Still have my Pre but it cant cook
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    I have the same issue. i returned it once the other day because gps was not working, found out new replacement same issue, but i think it's a vzw thing with vz navigator... there is a thread out on this.

    I got my 2nd one and noticed the screen is wobbly when keypad is open which sucks, so i went to return it, then the tech opened up the brand new one and same wobbly problem, so i said forget it, if it gets worse, i'll bring it back.

    I too notice these ludicrous hardware inconsistencies ( the demo there was solid no wobbliness ).

    Oh well, i love the phone i will keep putting up with returning if i have to or can.
    the gps thing is BS though, because i spoke with palm and vzw support and neither had any clue at all.
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    To me the Palm Pre is a well built device.i used to have a htc touch pro and htc mogul now does phone are really horrible.every month i had to go change one.what a crappy device Htc makes.never will i ever buy HTC bad quality.
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    Sadly, I feel shishcawo's pain. Although my Pre is of the Sprint variety, I did finally reach the point that after four failures (two halves splitting on the first, system lock-up on the second, another system lock-up on the third, and both halves failing to meet in the middle when closed on the fourth) where I felt compelled to say goodbye to my beloved Pre.

    This is doubly sad because I love webOS. It is far and away the most intuitive smartphone platform I've used … and I've used them all. But moving on to a fifth Pre – and the repeated setup, etc. – turns the experience from being an enjoyable hobby to a dreaded job.

    So now I'm off to Android land, wracked with guilt and a tinge of regret. But when Palm finally improves their manufacturing process, I'm sure I'll be back.
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    When I went into the VZW store to buy mine the first one they brought out had either a dead pixel or dust under the screen almost dead center. I asked for another one right away and it has been solid so far (except for a possible GPS issue, but I'm still working on that).

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