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    I am running the bettery monitor program and would like to ask you what is considered to be a good percentage of drain for light to no usage?
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    That is a good question. I am getting around 4.5% with wifi on but the phone totally idle. Sometimes when I'm actively using it, the battery monitor will say 20+% an hour!
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    ok thanks, I will report back om my number and configs
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    standby airplane mode, <1%
    standby, 2-3%
    standby with AIM, 5-7%
    casual web, 10-16%
    intense web, data transfer, via 3G, or wifi, 20-30%
    hourly email check with add 1-2.5% on top of others.

    all the tests should be done for longer than 1Hr.
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    Totally idle it is about 1.5-2% per hour. With light usage it is about 2-3% per hour. wifi off, gps off, BT off, screen/keyboard brightness 1/100%. 1 Gmail AES account and Facebook account sync.

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