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    Interesting article in the New York Times about the average number of apps that smartphone users actually download and use. Do Apple and Google really have an advantage over WebOS?
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    Interesting article in the New York Times about the average number of apps that smartphone users actually download and use. Do Apple and Google really have an advantage over WebOS?
    Yes, tremendous. The key is the aggregate number of useful apps, not ephemeral ones. Let's say 95% of all iPhone apps are terrible. That still leaves over 5,000 that are excellent. On Android you're talking about a growing number, much of which is free (including Google's own giveways like a free turn-by-turn GPS.)

    Much is also about iPhone and Android optimized web sites, making viewing much easier. In addition the apps as well, not to mention the great sync capabilities. I'll give you a list of some very popular iPhone apps, other than fart games and other random silliness.

    1. Great Facebook App (WebOS is terrible)
    2. Google Voice (does Google search, just speak your search)
    3. Fantastic common web sites iPhone (Android) optimized
    - Yelp / Spoon - Huge local food/resources directory, optimized for phone view
    - NY Times (on Web oS)
    - USA Today, Time Mag, Fox, ESPN (Great app)
    - MapQuest,
    4. Full MS Office Suite edit/view and Great PDF viewing
    5. ToodelDo & Other hierarchical tasks, outliners, Desktop client and Internet Web-based versions
    6. Financial tools to enter money data, sync with your desktop
    7. Mobile Banking - Chase, Citi, Paypal
    8. Internet Apps - Google Analytics optimized, Twitter, Skype, Amazing IM (JiveTalk, Trillian, IM+ - all IM in one app), Sugarsync
    9. Great unique apps like "Find My Car" allowing you to plot where you park on your GPS, running tracker which plots your jogs, calculates speed and distance, etc.
    10. Music Streaming and Song Recognition - Pandora, Rhapsody, Slacker, Numerous radio apps, Shazam (song recognition, just hold up your iPhone!)
    11. Numerous translators and dictionaries in every language
    12. Unique purchase comparison (Red Laser, Amazon, just use the the camera to take a picture of a bar code and get prices from amazon and other stores!)

    There are TONS of amazing, useful and fantastic applications. Too many to list. 95,000 iPhone apps may suck but the remainder are excellent. Same with Android. Hopefully they will come to WebOS but Palm needs to step up in a BIG way to make it worth their while.
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    i think there is a magic number in this situation, apple brag about 140,000 apps, but really, users will get more lost in that number than really finding the one they love.

    obviously 1200+ on pre is not large enough.

    there are ubiquitous apps that are popular, useful and are must haves, in this category, Pre does good enough job. Sure palm should keep improving.

    others, some people love, some ppl dont care, those are the ones that fill the numbers game.

    so for general users, I say palm is not far behind either iPhone or android.

    but for people with special needs (games, for example, or medical industry stuff), palm need to do more to attrack more people, Pre sure is more open than iPhone, so the possibility is definitely there, hopefully ATT and VZ Pre will attrack more developers.
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    Yes the iPhone does have a significant advantage in number of well polished apps but they have a 2 year lead on everyone else. The iphone has pretty much hit saturation point with the number of apps (how many fart apps do you need?) and everyone else is playing catchup.

    However, the Pre will hit saturation point too and then the only difference will be the quality of the OS and the network. I'll take Palm WebOS/Sprint/Verizon over the iPhone OS/AT&T every time.
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    how many apps do i need? as many free ones as i can load on to my phone.
    Pre be with you.

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    That article nails it. One conclusion you could draw from it is that people don't really need smartphones.

    A feature phone with a keyboard, decent browser, and a handful of popular apps like Gmail, Twitter, Pandora, Facebook, etc. will satisfy most people.
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    I can't say I "need" any apps, but there's probably 10 on all platforms combined that I'd like to really have. Unfortunately each person wants different apps so what's important to me, might be worthless to you.

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