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    if I go to the updates icon it keeps showing that I have updates in the catalouge but when I follow the link to go there I don't see any updates to my apps. Anybody know how to fix this?

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    I have the same problem, haven't found a fix yet.
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    do you think it may be because we have apps that we downloaded from homebrew that have been superceded by ones in the palm catalogue and we have not updated yet? For instance preware keeps prompting me to update an app that I have that is also in the app catalogue and I have not yet.
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    Workaround: After the Updates app takes you to the Catalog, and you don't see any updates, just back-swipe to the Catalog and then hit the shopping bag icon to return to the list of installed apps. That will refresh the list and you should then see the Install Updates button.

    It's a pain, I know. Another bug that Palm needs to fix. Hopefully it will get fixed in 1.4.
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    It's not just Homebrew. I have Scoop, which isn't homebrew, that show an update to 0.9.2 in the Update screen, but when you press the button to update it, it's still the same version and the update ends up failing. I think it's that the App Catalog isn't updated everywhere or that the checks for checking for updates isn't as strenous as showing the updates.
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    I'm also seeing this problem. Will post if I figure it out. {Jonathan}
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