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    I am interested in making the step forward from my Verizon Palm Centro to a Verizon Palm Pre Plus. Before I proceed, however, I'd like to know what pitfalls I may encounter with respect to compatibility with my computer operating system.

    When I first got my Centro and installed the new (v 6.x?) Palm Desktop, my phone would not communicate with my Windows XP Media Center 2005 laptop. After much frustration and, finally, a paid support session, we were able to get my Centro to work with XP Media Center by re-installing Palm Desktop v 4.2. It's been smooth sailing ever since.

    Now I wonder if I will encounter a similar problem (or worse) with the Pre Plus. I am still running Win XPMC on my laptop and don't relish the expense or brain damage of "upgrading" my operating system to accommodate.

    Any word available on this situation?

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    From what I've heard, Palm Desktop was a nightmare. The Pre has several different ways to since your Pre to your computer. Of them, it sounds like you would enjoy The Missing Sync app. It will sync your contacts, calendars, docs and files, photos, music, podcasts, Video and Home Movies, Ringtones, and Bookmarks. With all of that it can do a wireless sync to your computer over a wifi connection, to sync you contacts and calendars. To sync more heavy files like songs and media you will have to do a cable sync. It does cost $40 but it is the best solution out there. You can also try a beta version that might not work 100% for free. To get more information go HERE.
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    The Pre works a lot different than your Centro. There is not a wiring syncing app like the Palm Desktop (at least last time I looked into it). You should probably read up more on how this works, then try to figure out what you need/want to do. There are some free ways to do it, and there are also some third party apps. My wife and I both have our calendars/contacts synced up with Google (we set them up with Google rather than using the Palm Profile). My wife then uses a free download from Google which syncs her Google account with Outlook. I use Thunderbird as my email program and there are add-ons that sync my Google account. I'm not familiar with to many compatibility issues, but you kind of have to choose which way you want to go first. I would check out this forum for more info. Good luck.

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