View Poll Results: What should be the name of Palm's new product??

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  • Palm Pack

    0 0%
  • Palm Post

    1 2.56%
  • Palm Pal It will always be your friend

    5 12.82%
  • Palm Pact

    0 0%
  • Palm Pam

    1 2.56%
  • Palm Path

    1 2.56%
  • Palm Prime

    23 58.97%
  • C40

    7 17.95%
  • Palm Pave

    0 0%
  • Palm Pay It pays to get it

    1 2.56%
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    Palm Premier would be a good name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finally Pre View Post
    Phone - "Now"
    The pre was "pre" full feature
    next is "now. later is Post

    Computer - PalmBook
    I can dig it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BMIC50 View Post
    There's no poll.

    Palm Pre 2
    Unfortunately the mobile version does not show the poll. I have raised this issue to Dieter.
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    I think I'd like them to call it a "guyPhone". Rhymes with iPhone yet is much more manly than "iPad".

    I'd like to see the C40 be a "ruggedized" phone and they could name it the "Sherman" (as in the Sherman tank) Alternatively, if they simply named it "Chuck Norris", I and lots of other people would buy the damn thing!

    I kind of liked the "Phoenix" and "Premier" suggestions. Premier begins with "Pre" and is a logical follow on name. I did not like a single name in the poll so I did not vote.
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    I like the palm sentral

    it could pay homage to the site in one way as well as playing off centro
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Palm's rise back into the smartphone market, the Palm Phoenix.
    Best name for the next product that I have seen yet on these forums.
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