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    I have tried installing the keyboard in the past and it didnt work for whatever reason. Im pretty good with these things and i did everything right for installing it.
    The problem is 1 month later it pops up on my dialpad when i didnt even ask for it, it took up the bottom portion of my screen and i couldnt use a zero if i had to make a call that required one.

    then i tried seeing if it would work in messaging, and it didnt.
    and now it wont load on the dialpad anymore, can someone explain why this is happening in technical terms.

    (im talking about the homebrew app btw)not the one for sale in the apps catalog.)
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    Try uninstalling the keyboard/ restart / install again.
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    If you don't want the keyboard anymore uninstall and then run webos repair utility

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    I'm still getting undefined after the update, is that normal?

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