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    For example, if you buy at best buy or sams club, can you return your phone to a Sprint store if your screen starts cracking (or any other hardware issue) after a few months, or do I have to deal with the original store for the life duration of my phone?
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    If you have a coverage plan of some sort on your phones, I would assume you could.
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    I bought four Pres on release date, and an additional one for Christmas, and didn't get any of them at the Sprint store. But, every time I have had a problem, I have had ALL of my hardware issues resolved at the Sprint store.

    This includes, stuck power button, weak microphone, cracked screen.
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    If you get it at sam's club past the 30 days sprint will handle any issues with the phone just as they would if you got it there. Within the first 30 days you would have to go back to the place where you got it
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    I got my Pre through Wirefly. Just today, went to the sprint store for speaker issues. They ordered my a new one. No charge(I have the insurance). Even after I just bought the phone, I have always dealt with Sprint directly.
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    Great. thank you

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