Hey all,

I had a first run Pre that was replaced by Sprint at no cost after the speaker went out last week. I'm ticking off things in my checklist to do to my phone to get it back to functionality, and I have been using many of the tips you all have been so gracious to provide.

One of the things I absolutely have despised about my orignal Pre thus far was the pathetic GPS functionality. I upgraded from a hacked kitchen of the HTC Touch Pro, and the difference between Google Maps usage is the difference between Magellan at the helm of an expedition and someone like Flava Flav trying to do the same thing.

I tried the hack (palm-pre-gps-additional-gps-modes-autonomous-assisted-cached[/url]) and while accuracy seemed to improve, real world use was pointless since the system couldn't keep up even at low speed driving.

I've scoured the site and thought it might be prudent to ask my in-depth minds (and maybe post something relevant to the search engines for future searchers) to ask two questions:

1. Is this new phone, the one with a more pronounced power button, etc. better at GPS resolution than those first ones? Did they all have problems or was my unit just bunk and I never knew??

2. Is anyone experiencing real-world, real-time GPS updating in Google Maps that is useful, or is the Pre hopelessly broken at this time? If you are, what can I do to make my phone more like the other systems I've had success with?

Thanks in advance, and thanks to those that have the dedication and take the time to make our purchases a little bit better for the rest of us. You're not unappreciated, no matter how loud the people who whine at you for "more everything" seem to be!