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    On four separate occasions my Pre has simply shutdown. Even after it has charged all night or has been little used for a day, when I pick it up I can't turn it on. This morning when I left work it had over a half-charge left. For about a half-hour I charged it with the Sprint car charger. When I got home it wouldn't turn on. Similar thing has happened before. If I open the back, remove the battery, reload the battery(multiple times if necessary), it eventually comes back, but....I've had the Pre for 3 months and am generally pleased, but am concerend that this is indicative of a serious underlying problem. Anyone else with similar problem or possible solutions? Thanks for any help.
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    This has happened to me anout 3-4 times as well. It is concerning!
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    It just happened to me for the first time, a couple of days ago.
    Taking the battery out for about 10-15 minutes fixes the problem, but like you said, this is an underlying issue.
    I'm seeing more and more posts about this, and it's not going away.
    It would be nice if we had some feedback from a Palm employee as to why this is happening more and more often to more and more people.
    They do read this site, so maybe one will be kind enough to fill us in. A cell phone that has to have it's battery pulled for 15 minutes every so often can present a safety issue when there's an emergency and no way to make a call for help.
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    I've seen several reports of this happening yesterday, including my own experience. I don't know anything about cellular technology but I wonder if it could be something that the Sprint Network causes now and again?

    Yesterday (1/29) my phone shut down on it's own and required several battery pulls before it would boot past the palm logo. When it finally came back on the battery was at 57%.
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    I definitely believe that network plays a big role in battery life. 6 months ago when my phone was new a battery life just plain sucked back then. When I would go up north a roam off sprints network my battery life was fantastic went from 4-6 hours for a charge to more then 12hrs.
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    This has nothing to do with battery life. This is happening with fully charged batteries.
    Mine was at 92% when it happened.
    Many other people have posted this issue with more than 50% charge at the time of occurrence.
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    Is this the loose battery issue? I've had similar problems recently. Brought it into Sprint, and they agreed to replace it since it's still under warranty. Will get the replacement tomorrow/Monday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jakerome View Post
    Is this the loose battery issue? I've had similar problems recently. Brought it into Sprint, and they agreed to replace it since it's still under warranty. Will get the replacement tomorrow/Monday.
    No no no.
    This problem is: Your Pre shutting off on its own (even with the battery at over 50% charge), with no warning, and then IMPOSSIBLE to start back up again unless you pull the battery out for 10-15 minutes.
    This is very dangerous if there was an emergency.
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    This has happened to me twice this week. The first time I just closed an app and the phone shut down. Removing the battery for just several minutes was enough to get it up and running again.

    The second time happened a few nights ago when I hung up after being on the phone. I have the "hang up when close slider" patch so when I closed the phone to hang up (which I've had for some time now and this has never happened before) the phone promptly shut down. Again I removed the battery for several minutes, put it back in and then turned on the phone. However all of my sound settings were completely messed up so I had to go and reset them.

    My memory may be a bit fuzzy here, but I seem to remember this all starting AFTER I updated all of my patches. Is this the case with anyone else?
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    It doesn't have anything to do with patches. I never had patches, tweaks or homebrew and i've had this Pre since June.
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    Thanks for your responses. I don't know what kind of information I should collect to troubleshoot the problem. I went to the Sprint store the first time it happened. He removed the battery, put it back in, recharged it, and problem was solved....for a while. Is there a shutoff sequence which, when it's in my pocket accidentally gets pushed or a software glitch that shutsdown the device. Removing the battery solves the problem, but I'm not convinced the battery/power is the problem.
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    I had this same thing happen to me 4 times in one day this past week. Sometimes when I would restart it, it would just stick on the Palm logo and I'd have to pull the battery out for several minutes to get it to boot up.

    Very frustrating to say the least.
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    This happened to me two days ago for the first time, and again tonight. I also noticed that when it does come back on (after having to pull the battery), the time and date and not correct at all. I love the phone, but this is unacceptable.

    Looks like I may be going back to Radio Shack to return it and get a replacement.
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    The symptoms described in this thread sound very similar to the loose battery issue. I had my Pre for 7 months and this never happened once. That is until I bought a new extended battery. Sliding the phone closed too hard caused it to turn off such that only a battery pull could revive it.

    To solve it I wedged a small piece of paper between the battery and the wall of the compartment that holds it. Wala -- the issue went away immedietly.
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    We have 3 Pre's in our family for over 7 months and never have had this problem either. I have Preware with 27 patches on my phone. Wonder what is causing it.
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    These sort of issues are simply the Palm Pre issues many people have had. Random shutdowns, not starting at all without pulling the battery and plugging into the charger, and several other slider/battery related issues. This is simply a Palm thing. I love my Pre but even I required a new battery and battery compartment spacer to stop my random slider crashes. The Pre is a amazing phone but Palm should have spent more time perfecting the hardware design before releasing the phone. The Pixi doesn't seem to have any of these issues.
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    This has been happening to my phone since the last Web OS update. It shuts down at odd times, battery fully charged at least once per day. I have had my phone since Aug 09 and have had no problems like this until recently. I am hoping it might resolve with the next update ? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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    seems to be working. if you have a touchstone, just need to make sure the piece of paper goes around the charging connections. Thanks, hope this solves the problem!!
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    This happened to my wife and me yesterday- the battery burned itself out in two hours for both of us. Is it possible that there is some network activity happening in the background, i.e., polling endlessly for updates?
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    ha, off topic but this just happened to my roommates iphone 3G last night.
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