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    I too have the same issue. My wife and I both have a pre. And, her phone has not issues not one reset. Mine on the other hand.. happening a few times a day. I went to spring and they will be giving me a new unit (refurb). i am also thinking it had to do with the last update??? who knows??? I can't wait for video recording with 1.4
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    The other week I closed my slider kinda hard right after I sent a text on my month old refurb Pre. My phone completely shut down. I think my issue could be a lose battery connection even though I have that cushion piece that they put in for the issue. It only happened once so I guess it was just fluke thing.
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    I'm a longtime Palm user, back to Palm Pilot, and just got my Pre last Friday. From that very first day, whenever I hang up after a call, the phone goes totally black, and no gesturing, tapping the on switch, pressing the card view button, nothing wakes it up. This happens whether the battery is fully charged or not, and when it's plugged in, too. I just got off the phone and it went dark again, so I came to my desk, plugged it into the charger, and it is still dark and won't turn on. I came to the forums hoping someone might have some advice...
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    I have had my Pre+ for about 10 days and the slider has become "loose" and wiggles just a bit. Also, when I shut it a little fast or set it down a little hard it shuts down completely and I never realize it until later.

    I called Verizon and they told me to exchange it for a new one since I am still in my first 30 days.
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    this is interesting. Just happened to me two days ago for the first time. Had to pull battery to restart it. I've had it since launch day and that has never happened till two days ago. I can't seem to duplicate the issue. I was starting an app and forgot about it and when I came back to the phone, it was dead. Battery pull worked.
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    Sprint told me to exchange my phone as well. The new one is supposed to be in this afternoon, but they could not assure me that all my customization and the apps I downloaded would be there, even if I backed it up.

    On the flip side, the phone rang while it was dark and charging, and I was able to answer and speak, even though the display remained completely dark. Fortunately it was someone I actually wanted to speak to! The display remained dark... until I hung up the phone, and then the display lit up again. It's been fine since. So what is the deal with it going black when I hang up, and turning itself on again at the end of the next call? Has anyone else had this happen?
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    same thing was happening to me ever since i got the new extended battery, took it in and the tech put in a new battery and it hasnt happened again, so it has something to do with the battery..
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