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    Okay, so I received my asurion replacement phone, looking really great (except for a small dark area on the screen that looks like a pressure point, but I'm not gonna complain).

    Anyways, I received the phone yesterday, followed the instructions to activate via the website and signed into my palm profile. Everything was working, my apps installed, I updated to latest firmware, used the internet and placed a few calls. Then today, I had a random message pop up that I was signed out of my palm profile and that i had to restart. I found it odd, so I did. It restarted and then asked me to restart again or do a full erase... I restarted, then I signed in and it's going through the whole process again to enter my accounts and stuff.

    I'm really hoping I don't have to replace this handset, but have you experienced this too?
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    Nope I have'nt but have heard about people being signed out of there profiles.

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