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    I just noticed something rather strange with the calendar icon on the launcher bar for the Palm Pre. This icon obviously displays what day it is. However, I just noticed that the date is not updated until around 8 or 9am.

    I hadn't noticed that earlier because I wasn't paying attention, but this morning when I grabbed my phone off the touchstone (it was charging all night), it was around 7:45am and it had the number 28 on it. (today's date being 1/29/2010). I thought to myself that it was rather odd that it wasn't 29. I then left the phone for a while and came back shortly after 9am and then it said 29.

    Did anyone else notice that with their phone? Or was this just a blip? I'm going to pay more attention to this tonight at midnight and see if it happens again and will update... just curious if anyone else noticed that. It's hard to search for this topic in the groups because the word "date" gets a hit in just about every thread....
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    the icon changes to the date accordingly.
    although not being up around the time it gets updated i couldn't be sure of the time but you aren't mistaken
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    OK, so it's official. I just woke my Palm Pre Plus up on the touchstone and the date is still displaying 29 on the calendar icon. I even launched the calendar by clicking on the button and it still says 29! (It's 12:25am where I am at)

    Anyone else up past midnight and seeing the same thing? Just curious to know if it's my phone or if this is a common bug.

    I'll check back in tomorrow and see around what time it switches... hopefully this is a fix that Palm can resolve.

    I have a funny feeling it has something to do with the reminder system and what time of day the calendar begins. Oddly enough, I had a Palm Treo 650 and the one thing I really liked about it, was when I created an all-day appointment, the Treo would not remind me at 11:45pm at night, but rather remind me at 7:45am. I very much liked this, as opposed to the Windoze mobile phone that would remind me at 11:45pm at night.
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    It is on 30 here (3:46a the 30th).
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    have you checked your network time and zone settings
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    Yup, time zone is set correctly....
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    This morning, that icon changed at 8am... must be another setting I'm missing.....
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    Odd... I had my time zone set to the proper time zone, but it was set manually. I turned Network time zone to on and it's just sitting there with the status: "Waiting for network time zone...." anyone else getting this?
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    I logged a call with Verizon support regarding the issue of not being able to grab the network's time zone - they couldn't fix the problem but said that there are some known issues with the pre and grabbing the network's time zone but couldn't say much more than that. I left it manually set to my time zone for now... hopefully the 1.4 update will have a fix for this also...

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