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    This is just a hypothetical...

    Its not necessary at all, but would it theoretically be possible to overclock the GPU on the pre just like we overclock the cpu?

    Im not sure of a substantial enough purpose for it, but im just likening it to overclocking the GPU in a gaming rig...

    Any thoughts?
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    would be kool
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    What we do with the CPU would more aptly be called "rightclocking". The CPU in the Pre is rated at 600MHz, but is factory underclocked to 500MHz. Even on a stock Pre, the CPU will rightclock to 600MHz when running a 3D game.

    There is at least one person working on a CPU overclock, but last I heard, they hadn't gotten anywhere with it. I think either a CPU or GPU overclock would be unapproachably difficult at best, and very dangerous at worst.
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