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    I was in the shower and thought about this and want to share with you.

    One problem with multitasking is 3D games requires us to close almost all opened cards, if not reseting. This is not really a problem with iPhone, because you only run one app at a time. So what about auto closing cards? If WebOS support a feature to let an App to close other cards, a 3D app can use it to prompt user to close all cards. This way, we do not have to go through cards one at a time. WebOS need to make sure apps do not abuse, this, so it should force acknowledgement before it actually closes any cards.

    This is just another way to make multitasking easier. If user does not want to close them, then just simply say no and move on. An app can be friendly to users by allow this to be configurable and don't ask for it the next time.

    Would you like something like this?
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    I would be happy if the memory leak issues in some apps were fixed, that would take care of getting the too many cards when none are open problem. *** for closing other cards, I'm not the type to have a bunch of cards open all the time anyway. But I suppose if they did that or dropping background cards to a low memory state it would make people who keep open cards happier.

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