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    I really think palm should consider putting an analog joystick in the head phone area just like the psp. On the psp its a speaker and a joystick in one. I do believe it would add in size; but the trade off would be huge. The joystick would have to be flush with the face of the phone. I think the head phone area would be the best place if put where we currently have our button it would interfere with the gestures. There is also a strong possibilty that this would be impossible with the pre form factor but could be possible with a slate form factor. Now the joystick would have to be unnoticed. Think about the center button on the iphone but being able to move around in a circle. That kind of fit and finish. Joystic would lso have to be a bit smaller.

    With the way smartphones are going there specifications are very astonashing and impresive for ex. there is rumour about the hd3
    1gb ram
    4.5in display
    Palm could come out with something like this except just a bit smaller in dispaly.

    I think palms next device will have very impressive specs also. If palm wants to gain even more Interest they need a strong multimedia device. Nothing gains more attention than that. An actual joystick with a large screen powerful cpu gpu would most definitely even rival the psp. And against smart phones would be no contest. look at the app catalog games are beginning to pour in and attract lots of attention i believe more than other news has had ex PDK. If palm can level itself to being on the same level as a blackberry as far as business goes and on the level of iphone 3gs is on games and multimedia. Then palm would be in the position as king. Like many people here i just want palm to succeed

    What do you guys think possible not possible or stupid idea?
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    None of the joysticks on any version of the psp are speakers, they're textured for grip, but the speakers on the fat style are near the bottom on either side of the button row, the speakers on the slim style are near the top on either side of the screen, and the speakers on the psp go are the four dots on the outside on each side of the screen.

    That said, while a real joystick would make playing games easier, unless it was hidden under a slider or well placed and used in the normal operation of the phone, it wouldn't likely go over well with most consumers.
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    i am sure there is a market for that, just not sure if palm has the resource to make this happen, basically, does it help palm financially right now? or in near future?

    My guess is no.

    I think front camera and projector will do more good in Pre 2.
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    This would destroy the river stone look. Do not want.
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    yeah i think thats a terrible idea... if u want better gaming just get a psp.. remember this is a phone first...
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    what a stupid idea. I'm glad you don't work at palm.
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    a gaming attachment would be nice though
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    I'm go for the attachment. Honestly if someone makes a good interface where like for the game boy app where you rest your thumb on the screen and glide it right left up or down to move it would be more enjoyable than trying to tap the "d-pad"
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordan23945bulls View Post
    what a stupid idea. I'm glad you don't work at palm.
    +1000! Are you out of your mind? This phone wasn't made for "gamers". If you want that you need to go to AT&T. I love the games that coming to webOS but they are secondary to the everyday functionality of this phone to make my life better at work and home. Give me voice dial...not a fricken joystick, lol!
    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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