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    does anybody knows if I get a phone through my insurance, would it b new or a refurb, because my power button is not working but I had this phone since launch on sprint
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    Its a refurb.

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    answered tons and tons of times...... if you have TEP with sprint take it back to a sprint repair store.... they will tell you come back in 45min to a hour.... they will take it apart and replace the button.... if you don't have TEP and you have to claim it on insurance it'll be a refurb.
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    is a refurb phone not good? My phone has gotten a little slower cause of the tweaks so I thought it would b a good idea anyways unless you guys don't think so, I always follow you guys advice it always has worked for me
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    personally i'd let Sprint fix the power button for free then spend 100 bucks for the insurance deductable
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    just had this problem today with my phone. Took it in to fix and the guy messed it up eveb more. Said they would have a new phone for me monday, not a refurb, and I don't have to pay a thing. But on a side note, how will I know if it's a refurb or not?
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    ur right but my wife gave me a hundred dollars to spend n since I had this phone for so long(afew scratches) I wouldn't mind a new one through insurances but if a refurb is not a good idea I rather get this one fix cause over all it still works good
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    If its in a box there's a good chance its new. Then once setup goto the phone dialer and hit ##786# and scroll down to recondstatus .. should see no if its new.

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    a refurb should be fine. All it is is a phone that's been fixed with oem parts. It's the exact same thing in my eyes. I'm just making sure the guy didn't lie to me about it being a new phone. Other than that I'm not all too worried about it. I too had mine since launch.
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    aight guys thanx

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