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    I'm tryin to figure out how to use putty so i can use this command line...

    mount -o remount,rw /
    cd /usr/bin
    sed "s/500000/600000/g" LunaSysMgr > newlunasysmgr
    mv LunaSysMgr LunaSysMgr.orig
    mv newlunasysmgr LunaSysMgr
    chmod +x LunaSysMgr
    mount -o remount,ro /
    pkill LunaSysMgr

    Its for the the 600mhz overclocking but idk how to get certain symbols (>) in terminal so i wanted to use putty...

    But idk how to connect to my pre with it... Any help?
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    just use novaterm, i used it today and it works great. the link's on here and u need the sdk installed if u don't already have it.

    Accessing Linux Using Novaterm - WebOS Internals

    go to command prompt and run novaterm. all u have to do is plug in ur pre and click connect on novaterm and u have linux access.


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