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    bump for more votes!
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    Well we are in 4th for gadget of the year but with a few more votes we could easily be third. We are solidly third for smartphone of the year and the touchstone is in second and with a couple more votes could easily be first for Peripheral of the Year!

    If you did not vote for peripheral yet, be sure to go back and vote. Come on the touchstone is way better than the apple magic mouse. LOL
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    Voted. Looks like the f>>>king macheads are voting on their Macs, iPhones and iPads.
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    Thanks for posting. Very easy survey they have laid out!
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    come on people get this out to twitter and fb we are 3rd right now
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    just voted.
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    Currently running in 4th place. ipod is kicking Pre's *****.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxtreo View Post

    Currently running in 4th place. ipod is kicking Pre's *****.
    the zuneHD is kicking the pre's **** as well. this needs to go on precentral's front page, telling everyone to vote, heh

    has anyone submitted the poll as a tip yet?
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    The Pre and the Touchstone are up for several categories, nice to see the recognition for Palm.

    Voted and Bumped.
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    just towed the company line...pre all day!
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    I hate how everything apple is winning
    it could be the best rocketship of the year or best eating utensil and apple will still win
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    voted for pre and touchstone in all the categories they were in.
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    Voted for all palm stuff 4 times lol. Voted using pre, iPod, my computer and my roomates computer. I woulda felt guilty but I'm sure a ton of ppl did this.

    Anyways, to those of you hating on engadget, they are actually pretty simpathetic towards webos. They always give webos devices positive reviews and they leave the reviews up on the top banner for a long time. They even had the pluses up there over the ipad recently. You can't really help that they have a lot of apple ****** commemters over there.
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