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    I discovered last night that if you swipe from the black at the top of the screen down over the right corner, the device menu drops down. Swipe again and it goes away.

    This is so much easier for me than trying to tap the top bar with my large fingers. I did a quick search and didn't see this anywhere but then again maybe it's common knowledge and I'm just behind a little.
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    This was implemented sometime around last August. It used to be a tap only.
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    Yep, it also works for the preference menus in the opposite corner while in an app.
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    Yeah this has been implemented for a while, even better when you use a Device Menu patch. I use Jason R. Megamix patch and it's like a godsend.
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    I think there is a sticky (somewhere) that talk about the different gestures, but its always fun to discover a new function
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    zomg, thanks SO much for that lol, i HATED trying to tap that little area, seemed like i always missed
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    This is news to me. Thanks.
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    WOW. Can't believe I didn't know this. Thank you so much =]
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    When the O2 Pre come out in October in the UK it had webOS 1.1.2 which did not have this feature, but as soon as you registered your Palm Profile 1.1.3 was available which had this V useful update

    So August in the US, October in the EU, sounds normal
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