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    I've been really impressed by the speed palm's been getting out updates. Video recording and 3D games are big imho and palm's really delivered (or will soon anyway)
    But I use my phone a lot for school, it's great for online classes. The only thing left I really need is Docs to go. At that point I feel like the pre will be everything my treo was and more. But we haven't heard much about a release date recently. You guys think Docs to go is waiting on 1.4?
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    +1 for Palm Kicking **** on there OS and for Doc's I don't think 1.4 but soon. Also JaMart Great avatar.

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    thanks, can't take credit for it though. I think I stole it from Precentral way back.... Don't remember.
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    +1 hoping the launch will be shortly after 1.4!
    It's available for iPhone, shouldn't be too difficult to port over anymore now.
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