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    then tell palm, O2 and Bell what your are feeling about these country specific app releases:

    an add the link above in any post to them...
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    arent we getting the full app catalogue in march anyway?
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    Yes. There's no pleasing some people. We are the NOW generation - I want it now now now now now.
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    well we will get paid apps in march, but it is said that you can byu ALL apps then. We now also don't get ALL free apps, so why should palm change this without telling them so.

    i don't want to end up beiing able to buy apps in march but not beiing able to buy major 3D games or office editing apps just because i get a error "this app is not available in your country" as seen with many free apps NOW (and without licencing reasons).

    Thats my point, and i'm no notorious nagger, but i'm also no fanb*y that hopes everything will be great in a year. I pay a huge amount per month for not having the full experience PERIOD

    btw it's not only me, just read thread above...

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