Since installing the latest updates has anyone else noticed any trouble with call clarity? I actually question whether or not my phones speaker and/or mic is messed up, but even with my bluetooth headset hearing the other party is often hard and almost sounds like a blown speaker. The person on the other end also complains about not being able to hear most of what I say. My guess, since it happens when using the phone itself as well as with the bluetooth, that it's not a hardware issue but a software issue.

Anyone else experience this?

I point to the update, because I've noticed other quirky things since then as well. Main thing, is battery drain. Someone pointed to my wifi at home, which might be the issue, wasn't until the update. I can't find the setting they referred to on my wireless router, so I can't alter that. Other things I have noticed is sometimes the touchscreen is very jumpy or sometimes, it freezes. I've had the phone lock up in standby mode and had to pull the battery and power on several times to get it to work.

In any case, it's probably time to call Sprint to get another replacement, but to be honest, I'm kind of waiting for the latest update first.