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    I have a launch pre and I remember reading on various sites about the battery issue where you could solve it by putting some paper next to the battery to prevent it from moving. Anyway, mine seems to have this problem now. It will turn off sometimes when I open the slider...when it rings and vibrates...or when I'm just walking.

    My question, do other pre owners live with this problem or do they contact palm under the 1-year warranty?

    Thanks so much for looking!
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    I think can go to Sprint and get a new battery from them.
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    Take in to a Sprint store, they will replace the battery for free.
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    If you want a quick fix, you could use the paper shim method. It has worked for me in the past (before I exchanged my pre for a different reason).

    Just tear two small strips of paper about inch wide, and a little more than an inch long. Fold each strip along the width so that it is about half a centimeter in the other dimension (not thickness).

    Then, just put those two pieces between the top of the battery and the phone. The battery should have good contact now.

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