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    I have had my pre since launch day and I am running the latest webos software ( Recently I have been getting the too many cards open a lot more often in the past few months. No big deal, I know I am running programs that are much more resource hogs like DrPodder, and my email account is huge.

    But now I am getting the Too Many Cards Open message, when I have NO CARDS OPEN at all.

    What is up with this? How is that even possible? My phone's entire memory is not full. I think it has a few gigs of podcasts but that shouldn't affect anything.

    I am assuming it has something to do with my email account since I never delete any email, and that is the only thing that is supposedly running when no cards are open.

    Any help or suggestions?
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    That happens to me on occasion, I just reboot the phone and it's fine.
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    sometimes i can open JSTop and do a java garbage collect...seems to free it up...that said, a luna restart does the best job of refreshing the memory and also takes much less time than a reboot.
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    How do you do a luna restart?
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    Yes, a reboot works, but no, it should not be necessary. I am getting this much more in
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    Yes a Luna is about twice as fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcatman View Post
    Yes, a reboot works, but no, it should not be necessary. I am getting this much more in
    yes.I agree it shouldn't be happening, but some [poorly designed] apps have memory leaks. pay attention to the apps that seem to be always open when you get the warning. for me the browser is a problem. when its open I get the too many cards. that's the only one I've noticed so far.
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    I get the "too many cards" when i try to open NFSU or Brothers in Arms. I am a "no cards" kind of guy. I never have anything open except for what i'm actually using. about 50%of the time i try to open either of the two aforementioned apps (with nothing else opened) i have to reboot my phone before i can play them. anyone having this type of problem?
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    I seem to get it more with Sims 3, if I've done much with my phone then open Sims without a luna restart I get it every time.
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    I did the Luna restart.... which was new to me... and that didn't work.

    I tried to launch the Asphalt trial racing game right after launch and I got the same message "Too Many Cards Open"

    I realized I had "My Tether" patched in.. so I unpatched that, reset and Asphalt worked fine.

    Thanks for the help

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