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    HEEEEEEELLLLLP!! I've been playing Asphalt 5...and I love it! Not a big gamer...and never, ever liked driving games, even when I did play games all the time (which was circa early 90s with SEGA Genesis).
    I do like these games.

    However....for some reason, I cannot get past the first Cop Chase in Asphalt 5...but with Need For Speed, I have no problem whatsoever. I gotta admit, though, that I feel NFS is a much, much easier game than Asphalt 5...but that's neither here nor there.

    Can anyone tell me how I can insure eliminating 3 cars so I can move on to the next level and open up another car?? Or....even better....are there any cheats yet?? Lol...I am totally not beyond using cheats. I play for fun...not for my ethical well-being!

    Please help? Please? heh heh... So glad we're finally getting games...even if they are direct ports from the iPhone. It'd be nice to have some games made specifically for the Pre and it's hardware keyboard....right??

    Thanks for your help...any help!
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    nitrous right at start and put someone to the wall.

    that should give you enough time to bump the other 2.
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    I'm actually a fairly adept gamer but the elimination levels gave me some serious problems. Just try to go after the top three cars so if you get one or two and fall behind you can still go after the stragglers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OLD_HATCH View Post
    nitrous right at start and put someone to the wall.

    that should give you enough time to bump the other 2.
    That's basicall what I do. Take off quickly, so that you are ahead of people, and watch for them to come up behind you, then put them in the wall. I haven't played much for a few weeks, but that's what I was doing, and I've gotten sorta far. I don't remember the level, but I have got some pretty sweet cars and opened up all sorts of levels. And three girls. They're pretty handy when you need some extra $, or need to evade the police or whatever.
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    Alternate method #1: pick off the last one, stay with it and pick it off again and again.
    Alternate method #2: drive the "wrong way" and time it to catch them in a tight, twisty section - I picked off two in one pass that way in Hawaii(?)
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    I'm at level 18 and I'm stuck with hitting 4 take downs in 3 laps. I have no problems hitting the 3 but the last one is always hard. My tips are use a bigger car. I've been using the suv, at start I hit nitro and ram at least one. Also make sure you use the short cuts so that your infront of them and use your icon to see how close they are
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    Any ideas what the wrench pickup icons are for?
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    I think there for adding stuff to car in the garage
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    I think it repairs damage to your car so you don't end up getting snuffed. Also use the girl that increases your speed by x amount %.
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    drive the wrong way. when you get close to the pack of cars approaching you, tap the boost 3 times to get the red flames. any car you hit head on will be eliminated, and you will not get in a wreck. hit as many as you can.
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    Man!! Thanks soooo much for the help!!
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    It's so hard, yeah I know.
    Make sure you use the shortcuts if you are behind (you can see from minimap).

    Also, just try and get side by side with a car.
    Once you do that, just slowly move it to the side. If you go too fast, you can lose control and lose a big lead.
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    You can skip the cop chases, which I also find really hard. To do so choose -> Career -> Events. Now you can select which challenge on which track you want to do next.

    drive the wrong way
    Great idea. I will try that next time.

    Does anybody have a list of all the shortcuts in this game?
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    I moved pretty quickly through all the Aspen and St. Tropez events. I haven't been able to crack "Last man standing" or finishing in the top 3 of Vegas though. I can't do ANYTHING on Hawaii! The only shortcut is a terrible one. I'm on the Audi R8, with every option added to it and I use nitrous pretty much the whole time and can't keep up w/ any cars in Hawaii. I don't even come close in Hawaii.

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