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    Hi Everyone,

    New Pre Plus owner here (3 days). Got up this morning, looked over at my phone, which was sitting on the touch stone, and the screen was blank. It refuses to turn-on/boot-up. Completely dead, although the back of the phone was a little warm (I presume from the charging).

    Anyone else having this problem? Anyway, heading to the Verizon store this morning to get a new one. Not a good start...
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    Remove the battery, wait a few minutes, and replace the battery and try to power up. It should boot up now but if it freezes, do another battery pull. This has happened to me a few times's strange!
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    Quick update. I just plugged the charger cable into the phone's side port. The large battery icon displayed, and it looks as if the phone's battery was either very low or dead. It seems to be charging right now. It seems that the phone's battery completely drained itself overnight while sitting on the touchstone. That's not how the touchstone is supposed to work, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetPete View Post
    That's not how the touchstone is supposed to work, right?
    LOL, good one. Nice positive attitude.

    I would probably return the phone/and or touchstone if that happens once again.

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