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    ..they admitted that there is no being developed software that I just signed up for as a tester. I had already suspended my account 4 months ago when they told me it was being developed.

    You cannot do it twice. You have to keep paying even if they aren't supporting your device. Don't fall for them. I've heard about every story imaginable when I call to ask. Today I asked about the sign up in detail. No one in the office had even heard about it. They just knew it was Palms fault and WEBOS was something they didn't feel was a priority.

    Cancelling them was no bother at all. No attempt to keep you or any more promises. I was even good and didn't spout off. I just asked questions that weren't answered. Save your money.

    Just keep this in mind. They are owned by Amazon and Amazon owns Kindle. I don't see any conflict. Do you? I sure hope somebody comes out with a better book reading site then is out there now.

    Palm is reported to have sold 2.5 million phones. Exactly what is so poor about that? Audible can't write a program in 6 months? Something is very wrong.

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    I have to agree with Guvner. I called Audible when the Pre came out in June 2009 because I had been using the service on my Treo for years. Reps said they were working on a WebOS application for the Pre and it should be out "soon". No dice after 8 months. Apparently this company has no problem ignoring the needs of its loyal customers. That's a rather myopic corporate policy I'd say.

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