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    I am having problems with my Preware- I guess- My patches, theme and apps are not being listed... so I am unable to remove patches and themes. I have researched how to fix this, tried a few suggestions and it still has not fixed the problem.

    I have decided I just want to reset my phone. I have backed up my database.db3 file.

    So my 3 question, if anyone can help-
    Should I use the Partial Erase?? Full Erase?? Web OS Doctor to restore my phone?? I really just want to clear all my patches, themes and apps.

    are my current patches and themes included on my db3 file?? Will they be restored when I transfer the file back to my phone??

    lastly, just wnat to make sure that all my settings, photos, contacts, calendar, call and text logs will be restored with the db3 file.

    thanks for any help.
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    I'm not an expert but I have doctored my phone once and it worked fine. I have some advice for you.

    I would put your Pre in USB mode and manually back up all your photos and music (and any other non-app related files on your phone) using your computer. If I'm recalling correctly, I had to bring my music back over at least, and possible my photos too, I can't remember. Just drag and drop all your stuff to your PC and the reverse the process after the doctor.

    I didn't do the partical/full erase. My understanding is that step gets rid of all the stuff you've stored on your phone (photos, music, etc) as well as things like high scores on games. You will surely want to back up your personal files before doing this, and it's a great way to get everything ready for the doctor.

    With a full erase and a webOS doctor, your phone should be right back to factory settings, and probably back to 1.2, although a new doctor may have been released by now, I'm not sure. Everything you've done to the phone will be erased: settins, patches, themes, everthing.

    You'll have to sign back into your profile, which will bring back your contacts and some other stuff (can't remember eveything) but there will be a lot of set-up and customization you'll have to recreate. Settings do not come back, to my knowledge, and your patches and tweeks won't for sure. You'll have to do all that over.

    It's labor-intensive, but you'll have a factory fresh phone and you'll be ready to tweek!

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