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    Take PREcedence with the Palm Pre.
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    theres no "I" in pre
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    You could have Braveheart shackled to a table...the shackles are fancy aluminum, shiny, and printed on them you have everyone's favorite fruity logo. The narrator could say something about being shackled by Apple's closed ecosystem, having to play by their rules, one app at a time... You hear a crash. The shackles explode...

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    Here's mine: "Bing Bing Bing!"
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > HTC Mogul (*****!) > HTC Touch Pro (***** squared!) > PRE! > Epic
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    Oh say can you PRE?
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    Pretty smart
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    ...There's a patch for that.
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    Let go my eggo.
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    Pre: It fits in your mouth better than other smartphones.
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    Palm Pre: The Pre-cursor to a world of change.

    Palm's WebOS: The Pre-cursor to a world of change.
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    I think I just Pre'd in my Palm.
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    Palm Pre - its the Prees knees ...?
    kinda lamee >__>
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    [fade in]

    "First there was Palm, then came Fruit, then a Robot, now there's Pre"


    "Hand-held computing begins and ends with Palm"

    [fade out]

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    Time to PREorder a refurb.
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    iphone: "There's an app for that"
    Pre: "there's a patch for that"
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    "No 'i' in Pre....

    LOVE IT!!!
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    (Could be a bunch of folks in front of an Apple store... Dr's, Lab-coated tchnicicians, construction workers - sorta like getting into a hudlle for a family picture)...

    (C) 2010!
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    (First off - I apologize... damn foereigner, and I don't know that much about baseball, but here goes...)

    Animated characters (like eye-phone, eyepodz (like sweet-peas, but grosser, etc)

    Coach: "OK, boyz... dey got us in a corner.. jeez, "Eye-fone, eye-podz,.. even a dagnabbit eye-pad... what do we do???"

    Little Jimmy: "PRE-UUUUUUUUP"


    p.s. no comments about "any wings to go wid dem eye-padz" (sic)

    (c) 2010 (!?)
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    You do 10 things at once, so should your phone!
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    Friends Prevent friends from iPhoning.
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