I am developing a application with HTML Database. i 'm using the code openDatabase( "ext:mydbname",version);.When i use this command it creates the filename.db file and i can view it in the app-storage/file_.var.usr.palm.applications... folder when i connect the device in the usb mode.

After the 1.3 update if i restart the device i've noticed that the database which the application was using has been moved to another folder "file_.media.cryptofs.apps.usr.palm.applications....".The application will work without any issues.But if i try to overwrite the existing application with a new ipk file(upgrading the application,not deleting the existing application) there will be 2 database files,one in" app-storage/file_.var.usr.palm.applications"... folder and the other in "file_.media.cryptofs.apps.usr.palm.applications....". The application will be using the new database created in app-storage/file_.var.usr.palm.applications folder.So all the existing data are lost.Please help!!....Thanks in Advance