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    I would like a patch than when im on a call and a 2nd one comes in i can then choose who to hang up with. not hit the end all calls button and hope the on hold call rings you back. can this be done?
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    same here. this is one of my gripes with my phone. i'm happy that it's not as bad for me as it was. my phone used to handle the second call poorly, at times requiring me to restart in order for the phone to allow me to place calls again. it's no longer as bad as that, but it's still an area where the phone does not perform well enough for me.
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    You'd do better posting this in the patches subforum.
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    i think this has to do with the phone, since its a cdma phone, i think only gsm phones can do that, i think lol
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    Yes, it's a CDMA thing and there's no patch that could possibly change this behavior.


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