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    Is anyone else having trouble launching preware? It fail to update and all the links in preware are blank. Any ideas?
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    soft reset
    try again
    samething happened to me
    it was prethemer it was down for a few
    should work now
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    I am having issues too
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    hit the preware button at the top left, and hit the "manage feeds" tab turn off the two options that says to load themes...preware should open faster then.
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    Mine is not working either. The problem with mine is preware themes. Go to manage feeds then turn off Prethemer. Don't know whats causing the problem though..
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    problem here too. probably some update gone bad.
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    prethemer is/was down. The regular site doesn't even work on the computer.

    like already said just disable that feed and it should work fine

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