Pre Wipe your Palm Pre:

Before you switch/sell your Pre:

  1. Backup the Data on your USB Drive
  2. Erase all the Data on your USB Drive
  3. Copy your Profile Database to your PC
  4. Erase all your Messages
  5. Erase your Albums
  6. Erase Your Emails
  7. Run WEBOS Doctor

You might ask why take the time to erase if your are going to run the WEBOS doctor anyways, the answer is simple, be as thorough as you think your data is private.

Post Wipe, How to Erase your Pre 'Over the Air':

  1. Make sure you have a data connection. For a data connection from the wireless service provider, look for a data network icon in the title bar (the 1x icon, the 1x icon, the 1x icon, the Ev icon, the 1x icon, the 1x icon, or the 1x icon). If you have a phone that supports Wi-Fi, look for two or three signal-strength bars in the Wi-Fi icon. For data, Wi-Fi is generally faster than a phone data service. See Getting a better data connection below for tips on getting a stronger signal.
  2. On your computer, go to .
  3. Enter your Palm profile email address and password. If your profile has not been verified, or if you are having trouble logging in, see Trouble performing a remote erase .
  4. Click I Lost my Phone.
  5. Click Erase Device.
  6. Enter the security text in the Type text you see to the left field, and click Erase Device.
  7. Click Yes to confirm the erase, or No to cancel. If you have new Palm profile data that you have not backed up, select Back Up Data Before Erase. Note that data stored on the USB drive is not backed up (see Using USB Drive mode to transfer photos, music, videos, and documents ). The remote erase may take several hours. During this time, your phone reboots and the Palm logo is displayed. When the remote erase is finished, you see the language-selection screen.
  8. Select your language, and follow the onscreen prompts to enter your Palm profile email address and password. (DO NOT create a new profile.) This restores your Palm profile data, including account info, contacts, calendar events, memos, and tasks, and apps downloaded from App Catalog.

Just Wipe: Be sure To Erase Your Pre

You are much better off going with the first option and doing this before you switch Pre's, but as a last resort if you lose your Pre you can go with the over the air option, but BE ADVISED once you login to your new phone the old phone becomes inactive and option number 2 is no longer available (I think this is a weakness on the point of Palm).

Note: On webOS 1.3.1 or above, if you perform a remote erase, after signing in to your Palm profile, you are asked to enter the password for each of your online accounts. If you skip this step, you receive an Incorrect Password alert the next time the account tries to sync. Tap the alert to display the Change Login Settings screen, and enter the password to enable syncing again. You can also open a sync account and navigate to this screen at any time: (Calendar/Contacts/Email) > application menu > Preferences & Accounts > Tap the account name > Enter the username and password.

Any other Advise or Options let us know!