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    I dont know if this has been mentioned before but I am a texting junkie. I was wondering if there is an app out there that will allow you to mass text I mean organize groups of people or pre set the people into a group and text them a lump text at the same time?
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    search the App Catelog for "Mail Lists". it will allow you to make mail groups and text groups. For Texts, it takes your group and adds everyone to a text and sends them all the same message.

    Palm, please give us a native text grouping feature. My crappy non smart phone could do this. I want to be able to make groups for sending out texts to several people at once without having to select each person individually from my list of contacts and i dont think we should have to buy an app for that.
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    Does this allow recipients to see each other or is it equivalent to a blind cc?
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    This app does mass texting and emailing PERFECTLY!

    >> Mail Lists <<

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