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    So here I am just a few days into a new Palm Pre Plus, after 2.5 years with a Treo 700p. Sharing my thoughts and looking for insight and suggestions.

    1. So far the Pre+ is working like a charm. At the risk of jinxing things, I must say I've had none of the issues reported here as yet.

    2. The feel of the machine is great. It has a comfortable profile and it feels sturdy enough to me.

    3. I love the lack of need for a stylus, and the way the screen interacts with the moving windows and expandable pages by touch and pinch.

    4. Music quality is good.

    5. I'm not pleased with the lack of virtual keyboard or visible warning on missed calls. I understand that these things can be corrected by patches but it seems to me they should have been enabled without the need for patching and tweaking.

    6. I'm also not pleased with the lack of a removable memory card. I knew this was the case going into but still it was a failure of thinking on Palm's part.

    As a matter of insight, I've made a decision that I will try very hard to adapt to the new technology and therefore avoid using Palm Classic, instead searching for apps designed for WebOS.

    Now for my wish list. Some of these items might exist but I've only had the the thing a few days (got it the day it was released) and had a busy week so not much time to explore:

    1. Need a way to keep notes and undated tasks on both the handheld and my laptop. Even if its not synchronized but need them organized in some way and transferable.

    2. A database package similar to HanDbase or SmartlistToGo, also that can be viewed and updated in either place.

    3. A few games (geez Palm you could have sprung for at least a Solitare game ).

    4. Improved contact list (think TABS people!!!).

    5. Password keeper also that can be used on both laptop and handheld (option 2 would meet this need if it had securable fields).

    6. Being the geek I am, I want to explore development. Is there an SDK available for less than an arm and a pint of blood?

    Ok enough for now. The plane awaits!
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    try the app store there a decent amount of games out there and Solitaire is one of them,
    and there are some password keepers too
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    Alot of your wishlist has solutions you just need to look for them.

    There is a Free SDK, there is an app called "Cow Tasks" syncs with remember the milk, and contacts plus adds categorizing your contacts.
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    I would definitely love for there to be a virtual keyboard. And I wish the phone aspects of webOS were more realized. I'm finding more that it's less convenient to be used as a phone than it is to be used as a computer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yyandrew View Post
    I would definitely love for there to be a virtual keyboard. And I wish the phone aspects of webOS were more realized. I'm finding more that it's less convenient to be used as a phone than it is to be used as a computer.
    Virtual keyboard exists, as homebrew. It's actually very nice.

    And what do you find inconvenient about the phone app? Surely you're using universal search to dial your contacts instead of scrolling through them all, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbuckk View Post
    4. Improved contact list (think TABS people!!!).
    I hear what you are saying here, but after using the Pre for half a year there is nothing faster than typing "JD" for John Doe. I would never use tabs even if they were available.
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    The contacts list really isn't necessary with Universal Search. I haven't used it once, since launch day.

    Since you're new to webOS, here's a tip: type the first letter of a person's first name and first two letters of their last name and you will likely narrow it down to the person you're looking for. Much easier than typing common first names.

    For example, type jsm on the home screen and John Smith will appear.

    Edit: I didn't notice that miata had already touched upon this above me
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    Ok it's another day and I'm now in the process of setting up the WebOS Quick Installer. This is a bit scary since it seems to only want to install the Sprint version, but from what I'm gathering, its not critical for just installing apps. So I press on.

    Information overload has set in. At the same time as trying to load the installer, I'm trying to research sync options. So far so good. I was never able to get my Palm Desktop contacts loaded directly. The combination of Agendus and an old version of Palm Desktop seemed to preclude this. I tried upgrading Palm Desktop but for some reason it would not take my contact list and calender in. SOLUTION: Exported to a CSV file, made a sample CSV file from Google calendar, did some editing and imported. Worked like a charm (the third try, that is).

    So far I'm totally confused about methods of syncing. Pocket Mirror sounds like the closest thing to what I need now but still drowning in info and trying to sort it out.

    The primary need I have is a desire to separate work and personal information. Work information is on Outlook. I have Google Sync set to only sync calendar data one way, from Outlook. I haven't figured yet if that will kill calendar entries entered directly to Google that are personal.

    My contact list is all together formerly on Palm Desktop and now in my Gmail contact list so its not an issue.

    Notes and Tasks are still an issue. I see that Pocket Mirror just updated and does something with notes albeit I'm not sure if it meets my needs yet. No solution found yet for undated task list, password keeper or database yet (that can be accessed from both laptop AND pre, and NOT publicly accessible i.e. web).

    Thanks all for the feedback. I did discover the search ability after posting but information provided here showed even more power I had not yet discovered.

    NOTE: Sorry for the mixed bag here. I'm sorta blogging this with info I'd like to know if other users have had similar experiences with.

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