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    So out of curiosity for my new favorite gadget I downloaded the mobile hotspot app and installed it. Now when I bought the device I didn't sign up for that extra $40 a month because I'm currently not in need of it. My question tho is does VZE automatically tag this to your bill? Because when i launched it and turned on an unsecured network my PS3 saw it. I didn't connect of course because I don't want extra charges to show up on my bill, but is it already to late for that?
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    No it wont tag your account it will just not connect you to internet but lets you connect to the cell. It wont connect to the PS3 thou you have to do a manual setup on the ps3. but if you try it on say vista or windows 7 and you go to load a website it will automatically route you to a page asking if you want to sign up for the service.

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