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    As much as i love to help people with problems nd am happy to help the new pre plus users i have to say i get a kick out of seeing all of the posts from some verzion customers who used to probably think the regular pre sucked because it had some bugs. So many people i know that have verizon used to tell me the pre sucked nd they would never get it. I later found out they were just jealous when they ordered a pre plus. Just to let you guys know with the plus. Just like the pre its got some bugs it has to work out. the sprint pre users stuck it out nd look how far we have gotten and all of the apps that have been developed. I hope you guys have success with your pluses. In june when sprint is sporting the Pre 2 (or whatever it be called) It'll be the same thing as we had gone through before nd you are going through now. I dont post on here alot but very much enjoy everything the other pre users have done.
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    you make me cry :'(
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    Quote Originally Posted by SISGO View Post
    you make me cry :'(
    Im sorry :'( would you like a cookie?
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    what about if I give you one to stop worrying about the pre plus owners said lol!
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    Uhm.. what's really different about the Pre Plus other than some hardware changes...? It's not as if they have a different version of WebOS than Sprint users..
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    its all about the 'plus'... it's all about the 'plus'.
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    because whenever something different is made its gonna have its issues. some think its bad because of overheating issues nd stuff but need to understand its still a new phone. our pre is still a new phone.
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    Maybe i'm a lil slow this morning, OP, but what the blank is "ND"???
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    Maybe i'm a lil slow this morning, OP, but what the blank is "ND"???
    I am guessing "and"
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