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    I love my pre but Im not completely happy with it. mostly happy but not completely (still cant hide/password protect pics, vids, and audio files)

    and there are a lot of features that I want that patches take care of for me (which I don't understand why things that have been patches for months and months haven't been added...its already there, just add it so updating wont be such a hassle)

    So, I planned on getting a Samsung Moment once it updated to android 2.1, cause I basically have android envy, at the time I felt like android was the best thing going and getting so popular that it will only continue getting better.


    since I made that decision Ive read a whole lot about android, played with the hero and the g1 and I realized the most important thing. WebOS is way better. especially now since the pre is starting to get "real" games in the app store. after realizing this i figured out that what I want is a new pre...not an android phone (even though I may still get one)

    I want a palm pre with a 3.5 inch or bigger screen with a horizontal sliding keyboard. it could look exactly the same as the current pre but with a bigger screen and horizontal keyboard.

    Palm, can you do that for me? call it the Palm Pre Pro, release it on sprint
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    I agree with you, they need to release a new device.

    I'd like features that I currently have patches for, but I am more concerned about them releasing a more powerful and better built device with a larger screen. WebOS has a lot of potential and they will tap into that more but I think they need to do right and make a better quality device both in terms of manufacturing and specs.
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    a horizontal sliding keyboard would be nice...i don't think it's too "pre" like though
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    Hell no to the horizontal sliding keyboard.
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    Well, King, there have been many hints over the past few months that what your suggesting is the next Palm Pre 2.

    There have been hints in the forums, and from Palm. But there is no solid evidence.

    The sad truth about smartphones is that yes, there will always be a more powerful phone on the horizon. The question is which smarphone OS do you want to grow with.

    Android, from what I've heard is a great OS, but it's fractured.

    We all know about the greatness and the limitations of the Apple OS

    Windows Mobile 7 has been delayed until 2011.

    Nokia is still working on their smarphone OS.

    Webos is a really solid platform that has some glaring faults, but some amazing attributes that make it head and shoulders better than the others.

    From what I've gathered over the last few months, Palm has a few form factors planned for the furture. They've had them in the works for a long LONG time (Jon Rubenstein has a multi year plan for Palm that we are just at the very beginning of) I think it's a safe bet that the next form factor will be larger with a better keyboard. They've done small. And they built Webos to scale to different sizes. But of course, we won't know anything until we see it.

    What needs to happen in the interim, is they need to sell a lot of phones on Verizon. Not 20 million phones, but a good amount. If they don't, then it's going to be just that much harder to get the resources for the next generation.

    Jon Rubenstien was the guy who went around the world, shopping for parts for the ipod. He knows mobile tech. He knows the vendors. He knows what chips are going to be hot next year. And he knows the software needed to make the best of that tech. I would be surprised if they didn't come up with a webos device using next gen tech. Maybe a quad core cpu, tegra gpu, oled screen. That's what we know about. But there's plenty of tech we don't know about that he has access to, so really, it's anybody's guess what the next Webos device will look like.

    But trust me, there will be one.

    And when you hear about it, you will want it.
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    No thanks on the physical keyboard, how about developing a nice touch keyboard for the touch device. I guess it's a personal thing.. but I can type a lot faster on a virtual keyboard than I can on a small physical one.
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    What needs to happen in the interim, is they need to sell a lot of phones on Verizon. Not 20 million phones, but a good amount. If they don't, then it's going to be just that much harder to get the resources for the next generation.

    That's the thing I'm scared of...lets face it, if you are on verizon, the droid is the phone to get...not saying its the best phone, but as far as mindshare its number 1. and even if you dont get the doid, the pre is really lumped in there with about 6 or 7 other phones with the perceived appearance of being the same "lesser" caliber phone with the little keyboard probably being a hindrance.

    people think Verizon is needed to help palm continue...while I think a new palm phone is needed...and soon. its like the chicken and the egg game but this time you got 2 eggs and no chickens. to me, I think Palm has been overshadowed already, not completely but enough to where probably many people that will buy a Verizon palm will be people that switched over from sprint...which doesn't help much.

    palm needs a new phone by june or they will be just like the LG voyager...remember that phone?

    and yea it does need a keyboard...palm phones are physical keyboard phones, always has been, if their next phone is an all touchscreen phone, I'm definitely not getting it
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    Well, if it's any comfort to you, the Droid hasn't been selling well for Motorola.

    I don't wish them ill, and I'm sure its a great phone, but Motorola is loosing money on it. The Pre and Pixi can still do well.

    And I'm a hardware keyboard guy. If you want a software keyboard, the iphone is the hands down winner. Unless you're going to equal them, why try?

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