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    About 2 weeks ago she started feeling slow for no good reason. I'm not a heavy apps user and only have a handful of things installed. Google maps takes 15+ seconds to load up and begin working, sometimes much longer. And now the battery life is starting to wane severely, hardly did much of anything today and by 4:30p my phone had completely died (off charger at 8am).

    And last week the phone was getting white hot on the bottom right behind the notification light. And of course the light wasn't turning off. Had to pop the battery when that happened to get it to shut down.

    I've run the WebOS doctor on it, but that just made it behave worse actually. Anyone have any ideas on things I can try?
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    try the webos repair utility ,it deletesnothing and may fix your issues
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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