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    Quote Originally Posted by rashad1 View Post
    This game is very difficult to play on the Pre, mainly due to the screen size and the on screen controls. I've said this before. I own this game on my iPhone and my Pre. The controls on the iPhone are hard enough to use, imagine taking half an inch off and playnig the same thing...
    This is not a cross-platform comparison thread. Please limit your responses to the Pre version of the game. If you would like to create a cross-platform thread, there's a forum for that.
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    Btw not exactly sure where you are/were, but there was a spot early on that I also couldn't get the jump right. Turns out I needed to do a double jump, basically if you jump and then jump again immediately after you hit the ground you will do a sort of double jump, its like a forward flip which will allow you to jump higher. I've had to use it in a few spots where I just couldn't reach, so try it out and let me know if it works. I think the first place I had to use it had two pillars and then a high wall. So jump from one pillar to the next, and then when you immediately hit the second pillar hit jump again and you will do a high forward flip over the high wall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by storino03 View Post
    Yeah, the controls are hard. The joystick on-screen is stupid because my finger tends to slide on the screen which makes a virtual joystick hard to "move".
    This is the problem with on-screen controls from my experience and this is where physical buttons would help massively. My thumb tends to slowly shift to the right of the virtual stick and I notice when I am no longer moving the character on the screen and have to adjust my thumb. Having a slightly larger screen doesn't really help from my experience.

    Does it work? Yes, but it would be much easier with physical buttons.

    That being said. I still love these games and it is an excellent option if you have some time to kill and don't have an xbox360/ps3/wii available.

    Sorry for going off topic.
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    I haven't had another stab at it since last night...maybe I will have some time later to give it another whirl. But I am slowly getting the hang of it. It's all about practice. I was too aggravated to play it again last night, did some Forza 3 instead!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    So I have been playing this game for a short while. The controls are a bit wonky, but not super bad after all. So I made to this mission that starts out with dishing out some sword love on a few wussy opponents. Following this I encoutner this little dude which leads to a short conversation. I land up having to grab the guy which is followed by a little mini game where you have to hit spots on the guys back. Once you finish that, you move on and have to walk over a little stone bridge thingy that collapses as you run over it in a southward direction. You then stand on a pillar that does not collapse and you now have to head towards the right. Again, floor collapses and you stand on yet another pillar. The next pillar is far and way up. Is there a trick to getting onto that thing?

    The worst part is that since the rest collapsed, you have to walk all the way back to the beginning and jump over what has collapsed already, this in itself isn't all that easy. I hate jumping games, couldn't they have done without this? Especially with the slightly wonky controls, this makes this part of the game already very frustrating! I am scared to see what else awaits once I make it past that.
    im having the same issue... how do you climb? after the "bridge" collapses.. since im having such issues getting across again, i just want to climb the pillar .. but altair seems to just slide back down. what am i doing wrong.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    im having the same issue... how do you climb? after the "bridge" collapses.. since im having such issues getting across again, i just want to climb the pillar .. but altair seems to just slide back down. what am i doing wrong.?
    you don't gain the ability to climb until later in the game... yeah, it sucks.

    when I was here, I just kept restarting the mission (since it wasn't that far back) because I couldn't jump over the pillars when the bridges were out.

    like someone already said, it's all about running up to it. you can't stop. you have to gain enough speed to make the jump. also, holding the jump button might help, but I'm not 100% sure on this.

    change the controls to an 8-way pad, rather than 360. this makes running perfectly left or right much much much easier. before, i was afraid to run, because it would always be at a slight angle, and I would fall down the sides. with the 8-way snapping, I dont have to worry as much.

    as a side note, when I made my gameplay demo video ( ), there was a reason why I specifically stopped it after the pressure points game... I didn't want to look like an ***** because i simply could not get past the next part :P
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