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    So I lost my Palm Pre after having it only for about 2 months. The phone I before the palm was stolen (only had it 2 months as well). Looks like I have bad luck with phones. I'm 4 months into my Sprint contract.

    I lost the Palm Pre last Friday and I've been going nuts without it! To me, the Palm Pre is irreplaceable. I just need its features. I ordered a used Blackberry Curve on ebay for $100 until I can get a new Pre some how in the near future. I feel like I'm going to HATE the blackberry after being used to the palm pre.

    Anyway... I know that there's a way to erase all my data from Palms site. I'm just wondering if it will erase even if the battery on the pre is dead? I been calling my phone ever since its been lost last friday and it goes straight to voicemail now (so I know the battery is dead and no one has been using it or has charged it). If someone has it and gets it charged, I don't want anyone seeing any of my old emails, messages, numbers, etc.

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    If you have an EAS account. You can go to your EAS website and force the wipe of the phone remotely. I think, but not sure, that once the phone is charged backup it runs the wipe first thing. So, no should be able to view your data.
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    incriminating info?!?!?!?!
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    If you erase from the Palm site, it should erase once they turn the phone on.
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    What if they turn on Airplane Mode as soon as they power it on? Just curious...

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