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    Hey all. I just got back from the vze store with my brand new pre and so far I'm loving it. I do however have one minor question and if I should be concerned about it. Basically I'm curious if it's normal for the top half of the screen to have a little bit of play when open. Also if you shake it a little while it's open you can hear the screen moving a little. When the phone is closed there is absolutely no play, so it's just happening only when the phone is open.

    Thanks in advanced! Back to playing with my new phone!
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    yes all sliders have a bit of play
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    It depends on what you call a little bit. The phone is on a sliding track with a little bit of a upward curve. So, it would have a tiny bit of wiggle when open. If you think it might feel like it could break the phone then you should return the phone for a better quality build phone.
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    well, I would say that is normal on my sprint pre. not sure about on vzw
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    Whoa you guys are fast! Iv seen some videos of some of the "oreo effect" issues that others were having and this one is nothing even close to that. There is a few mm of noticeable play. If I pop of the back cover and remove the battery I can see the sliding mechanism. When the phone is closed the mechanism is snug but when its open you can see the play in the mechanism. Iv honestly only ever had clamshell phones so I have no clue if this is just the beginning of a problem or just normal. But from your reply it seems like a little bit of play is normal.
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    Keep your eyes open. It could potentially get worse. The first batch of Pre's that went out on Sprint had this problem and for some people as time went on it got worse.

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