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    As an owner of both the Droid and Pre Plus, I hate to say the build quality of the Droid is far and away better than the Pre Plus. This is just my opinion and believe me I would much rather keep the Pre Plus based on size of the phone but comparing the two at once I am surprisingly drawn to the Droid on bulid quality alone. If they would just improve the build quality of these phones it would be a no brainer.
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    I am going to buy my pre today. I spent two months looking at the droid,bb, and eris. I was ready to say well maybe I'll wait until June see if an IPhone comes to verizon but then I read the pre was coming. After researching the phone I was like this is the phone I want a full keyboard with a fully interactive touch screen. Blackberry should of done this already but who knows what those people are thinking, I mean their web browser is still lame. Which was the one thing that kept me from saying by touch and just get a BB tour Anyway I started to research the pre and In the end after trying it on Wednesday it's official I am going to pick it up for me and getting my fiancee the pixi. Coming from a LG VOyager I thought the droid was going to be it, but that keyboard is just a waste of space. I can't even type correctly because of that edge that hangs out on the bottom, I don't even know why they have the edge anyway. (Is it so verizon could have their name on it?) Don't get me wrong the droid is super fast and the apps seem to be good. However I am a quality over quantity person so the app things doesn't bother me and palm is adding more and more. I do wish palm and verizon would actually promote the pre, since I assume palm would like to make some money. Anyway this was all my opinion, take it or leave it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    So in your opinion, what are the downsides of the Droid? Just curious.
    The UI is not nearly as clean as webos / iphone, the inconsistencies between keyboards (some keyboards are amazing on the droid like mine, or some are super flat and crappy like my boss') and multi-tasking is horrid compared to webos. The screen on the droid is amazing, and now that we have overclocked it to 800mhz, most of my complaints with it are shot down. Ive been using the pre+ for 2 days now, and battery life is horrible compared to the droid as well, the droid i can use for about 14 hours without getting a warning, the pre+ i am down to 50% after 5 hours. I switched to the droid after using an iphone so i was used to a larger screen / handheld, but now that i am used to the pre+, i love the smaller form factor, and i even have large hands. The pre just fits better in my hand.
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    My big complaint with the Droid (had since the day it came out) is the voice quality, which is horrible. Lots of garbled voices, stuttering, etc. This is well documented in Motorola forums.
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    I bought a Droid on launch day (Nov 6th) and have used it daily, often alongside my still-active Treo 755p. Additionally, I accompanied my boss to get a Pre Plus on launch day Monday and have used it quite a bit this week helping make the Garnet to WebOS leap.

    Here are my views on the two platforms:

    Droid/Android Pros:
    -Huge, beautiful high-res screen. What a beauty to view photos, videos and web pages on!
    -Much better overall performance than WebOS/Pre (but still sluggish in some areas)
    -Superb voice dial/command/search capabilities
    -Google Maps navigation is standard and FREE. Definitely the platform's killer app.
    -Superb video recording capabilities available now
    -Expandable memory via microSDHC
    -Higher-capacity stock battery
    -Overall better build quality (though it's not that comfortable to hold in hand and I am always hitting those touch-sensitive icons on the bottom row, especially the back arrow)
    -Wider variety of available apps, most of which are free. I place very little emphasis on apps and prefer to focus on a device's standard capabilities and bundled software, btw.
    - The $ resources of Google behind it, so OS updates should be plentiful and come rather frequently. You also have Verizon putting all of its marketing muscle to push the Droid.

    WebOS/Pre Plus Pros:
    -Much better multitasking. I love the card metaphor and wish Palm would bring it to a larger screen device (like the iPad, *cough*)
    -Much better OS UI aesthetics overall (Droid still looks like a rough work in progress IMO)
    -Better native calendar & contacts apps. Also has a Memos app standard. Neither Android or WebOS can touch Garnet for PIM functionality, however.
    -Slightly better native e-mail app. Again, Chatteremail or VersaMail on Garnet beats both of 'em.
    -Formfactor fits much better in the hand as well as in the pocket.
    -Slightly better keyboard feel than Droid and "smile" shape is nice to have.
    -Surprisingly better voice quality & reception on the Pre. I cannot emphasize how disappointing the Droid's performance as a phone is, especially coming from a longtime leader like Moto. I've NEVER had a Moto dumbphone with bad RF/voice performance. The Droid really is a disappointment in this aspect.
    -WebOS has multitouch gestures standard
    -Despite much worse performance, WebOS does seem a bit more stable than Android 2.0.1. There is also not as much fragmentation between the WebOS hardware & software ecosystems than with Android (various devices running 1.5, 1.6, 2.0.1 and 2.1)
    -Pre's portrait orientation makes it slight better for one-handed operation than Droid. Neither device can beat Treo/Centro for one-handed operation, however.
    -Palm has their transfer utility to make the Palm Desktop to WebOS switch painlessly. There are still a number of kinks when going from Palm Desktop to Gmail/Android.

    I consider the dock issue a wash. The Touchstone dock is a nice extra but a bit fiddly and overpriced. The Droid dock is quite snazzy as well, what with its special dock screen and attractive pricetag.

    Right now WebOS has some stunning shortcomings, especially when being used as a telephone (no voice dialing at all, no automatic voicemail PIN dialing) and its performance and battery life leave much to be desired. Comparing both platforms head to head for Verizon users, I'd give the nod very slightly to the Droid, if only due to the standard nav, stunning screen, and better performance. Palm needs to pick up the pace and beef up their hardware while continuing to finetune WebOS' features and performance.

    If I had to do it over again and had the luxury of more time I'd have just bought a new dumbphone + maybe a leftover Centro and waited to see what happens over the next 6-12 months. I only bought the Droid because I was tempted by the fantastic hardware specs & my old dumbphone died right when I had to go out of town the next day.
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    I just compared a DROID and a Pre Plus in a VZW store today. I was all set to get a DROID for that hi-res screen, Google Nav, etc. I browsed to a few business and shopping websites on the DROID, and encountered lots of problems on some. Sometimes when I tapped to "click" something it wouldn't "click" the item and the screen "jerked", instead. I found that the D ring would highlight and move from field to field and allow selecting those items that way, but pressing the D ring center usually selected the wrong item - the one adjacent to the highlighted item! And the zoom on the DROID, though fine for regular "browsing", didn't work well for me when precision was needed. I also don't know how to tell if a new window opens when you "click" something on the DROID, so I don't know when "back" will work, etc. And if I try to "click" a field on a page that already contains numbers, the phone dialer pops up instead of "clicking" the item. I realize I don't know Android or the settings that might fix some of these things though. Also, the keyboard was terrible, but you have to use it if you need the D pad or other special keys. And, pressing the "home" "menu" and "back" keys often did nothing. I realize that the particular DROID in the store may be a few months old and "beat up", so it's hard to know what caused what. The Pre Plus, on the other hand, had NONE of those problems, and I even liked the keyboard. It's certainly faster than the one on my TREO 700p. And the Pre Plus feels very solid and precise in the hand and when sliding the heyboard. So despite the lack of free NAV and HI-RES, I'm getting the PRE PLUS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zullnero View Post
    Ha ha ha! Really? If you want less bias, go to a site without an instant brand loyalty built in. What makes Android users less biased about their phones than Palm users? Going to an Android forum is just switching Android bashers for fans.
    Every group of users is bias about their devices. However if you look on this board for comparisons you will see inaccurate information about the cons of the Droid device all slanted towards the Pre. The same applies to the Pre, if you went looking on a Droid form for pros and cons on the Pre you will see inaccurate information all slanted towards a Droid . I owned a Palm Pre for several months and I am now on my second Android device. I know personally some of the things said about the Pre in Android communities is not true - I know somethings said about Android in Pre communities is not true.

    A good example of this is the poster in this thread that states it took 5 finger presses to exit out of the dolphin application on the Droid. This is simply not true.

    My advice is not to go ask for comparison on another forum, but to go to the other forums and spend a while poking around. Read about what users are happy about and read about what users are unhappy about. Read the posts by newbies asking stupid questions. Doing that will give you a pretty accurate informed opinion on the device; which then you need to follow up with personal experience.

    As for "feeling" something outperforms something else, without quoting actual numbers...that's really just a person's preference or based on someone's perception.
    Perhaps you missed the part of "I feel" I wasn't trying to prove any numbers or bring forth any empirical data on the subject. I was giving my subjective view on the two devices. I personally feel Precentral has credibility issues because of post just like yours. There is a lot of apologists on this forum that like to talk about "numbers" but in the end it's always like you said yourself a subjective experience. Here is my best though:

    If I had a camera mount I would compare the two devices side by side. However I don't have a mount which would allow me to record and push buttons on both devices side by side. However just sitting on my bed with both devices connected via a WiFi - the Pre loads the site Precentral faster then the droid does.

    Browsing is a little smoother on the Pre. Double tapping on the Droid seems to operate slightly better and is quicker. Getting around to different sites and bookmarks is better on the droid (in my opinion). Screen rotation to landscape on the Droid is ever so slighty slower then the Pre but rotation back to portrait is faster on the Droid The droid opens contacts much faster then the Pre. The Droid and Pre almost tie when it comes to opening the dialer - I think the Droid was a little faster. When opening email the Droid is much faster then the Pre. Opening the application drawer is about the same perhaps the Pre is slightly faster. Camera on the droid opens faster then the Pre - however the Pre's camera quality is better. Unlocking each device takes about the same amount of time. Booting the Droid is insanely faster then the Pre. Google maps operates faster and smoother on the Droid then it does on the Pre. Calendar is nice on the Droid, it seems smoother when switching days; however it's not as visually appealing as the Pre's calendar. The Android calendar does provide options for an agenda view where the Pre does not.

    The Droids keyboard is nice and big though it's not the best feeling keyboard. The Pre has a tiny keyboard but when the device is new the keys have a nice "click" feel to them - but this goes away to a gummy feel over time. Overall if you can type with with the Pre's keyboard then it might be better. The orange key combinations can turn into finger gymnastics though. The Droids period key is oddly placed and causes me lots of typos. The Droids keyboard works better for me because I am 6'2" and one of my thumbs doesn't cover the entire keyboard as it does on the Pre.

    The on screen keyboard of the Droid works a lot smoother then the hacked on screen keyboard of the Pre. It's more responsive and slides up easier and is easy to dismiss. The Droids on screen keyboard is crap when compared to the on screen keyboard contained on the Hero though. There are keyboard replacements with Android but I have not tried any of them.

    As for the person you replied to...the only good advice is to go to the store and spend 20 minutes with both phones. That's the only good advice anyone can give someone. If they feel the UI for Android makes more sense to them, then a Droid or Nexus might be the way to go. If the Pre works better for them, then they should go that route. I'd warn someone, though, you've got to use a Pre or a Droid for more than a few months to really get the whole picture. What seems awesome in the Verizon store may not feel so awesome 3 months down the road.
    Your right on that. When I bought my wife her Pre I was blown away by it. The next day I went and paid full retail for mine. Later on down the road I was still impressed with the Pre's visual aspect but felt caged in by what the system could or could not do.

    I made the decision early on, from many years of smartphone experience, that I wanted the phone that gave me the most features + most potential for growth because the market would force that phone to improve the most over time. Palm's dedicated focus on making the webOS platform better really sold me and kept me.
    This is one of the reasons why I left the Pre. Palm has thrown out a lot of updates but I last I checked the SDK there was still some things lacking. How many updates have there been but Palm has not added mic support yet? I felt like developers were stuck unable to use some of the key features of the device to make decent applications. Going forward I feel like the Android OS has a much brighter future when it comes to applications. It's just a numbers game. With the amount of Android devices on the market and soon to hit the market I imagine shortly we will see a user base much larger then even the iPhone. A larger user base will attract developers to the platform.
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    I liked the Droid, but I picked up the Pre Plus because I have always wanted one from when I first saw it. My plan was to just switch back and forth when ever I got bored. But, since having my Pre, which I love, I will be selling my Droid...........
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    its impossible to hose a pre short of destroying the hardware
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazeokc View Post
    its impossible to hose a pre short of destroying the hardware
    Pretty much unless you have some sort of hardware failure. I've heard of bad Pre's that get completely bricked by overheating because there's a fault with the hardware. There isn't a Hombrew or patch that full erase with webOSDoctor can't fix...not possible to brick this way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GarrettQ View Post
    App count is still low compared to android and apple, but its increasing every day it seems. Plus, with palm releasing the PDK beta in march, im betting alot of iphone apps are gonna be ported over, since the PDK runs the same language.
    The Palm PDK uses C or C++. The iPhone uses Objective-C.

    How are these the same language?
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    Thanks for a great, mature, informative, objective discussion about the phones. These details and honesty was what I was hoping for.

    These two comments were priceless - absolutely true. I used Snappermail. Hard to believe that these companies can't release a basic email program in 2010 that is as functional as those created many years ago.
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    I owned a Droid Eris and tried a Moto Droid for 1 day. I'm glad I made the switch. The Pre is hands down the winner in multi-tasking and general ease of use. The app store needs polish as do the amount of apps but either way I'm a happy customer. I'm glad that Palm is working on a small amount of phones and getting them out to different carriers rather then having a pile of different phones. It just makes it harder for the programmers when they have to take into account different screen sizes and hardware power. Keep up the great innovative work Palm!
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    Nobody seems to mention the fact that the pre has a full web browser not the crappy watered down mobile web browser.
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    Quote Originally Posted by usmc74 View Post
    Nobody seems to mention the fact that the pre has a full web browser not the crappy watered down mobile web browser.
    Which "crappy watered down mobile web browser" are you referring to?

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    i am happy with my pre but really am jonesing for video camera. I am hoping 1.4 will not disappoint. If it sucks then i may switch to a droid or try and wait it out for nexus one on verizon or sprint
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    Quote Originally Posted by grandebob View Post

    I found the droid annoying when i wanted to close something. The dolphin browser takes 5 finger presses to close. Webkit on my pre is center then swipe up. much quicker. I like how i can tell at a glance on my pre what is running, and don't have to find a task killer app that i like ala droid.

    Long press the back button, it gives you the option to exit... so, thats only 1 press to exit, not 5 or longer.
    Seriously, if Palm hasn't changed build quality of the pre plus, you are better off with the droid, which i know gets a lot of complaints. I switched to a Hero and honestly, not having to talk to Palm CS or Sprint CS is a HUGE plus. I'm much happier now.
    That being said, there are STILL basic phone functions missing from WebOS that are available in the Android platform. If you can wait, the Nexus One will be available for Verizon in Spring, which totally kills the Pre Plus in every way possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpasint View Post
    Which "crappy watered down mobile web browser" are you referring to?

    I agree, I love the web browser in Android. Everything works exactly as it would on a PC. with the exception that mine has autoscaling. Font and text layout change automatically when you zoom in/out. Mine has flash, the next update for Droid and Pre both get it. Websites like shockwave work great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emedic View Post
    Anyone do this?
    I love my droid but the form factor blows. Just wondering if anyone has compared them directly. I only have 4 more days to decide. Help...
    Yes, I actually did switch out my Droid for the Pre Plus. I wouldn't say I loved the Droid, but I did like the form factor and web browsing on the Pre Plus much better. With the Nexus One coming out for Verizon in the coming months, the Droid will likely be ancient history. I also heard that Motorola is going to be making a special device for Goodle (like HTC) so likely their focus will be on that new device anyways.

    Overall, in my opinion, I would make the move and switch. So far I have been much happier with the Pre Plus over the Droid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rufflez View Post
    Long press the back button, it gives you the option to exit... so, thats only 1 press to exit, not 5 or longer.
    Seriously, if Palm hasn't changed build quality of the pre plus, you are better off with the droid, which i know gets a lot of complaints. I switched to a Hero and honestly, not having to talk to Palm CS or Sprint CS is a HUGE plus. I'm much happier now.
    That being said, there are STILL basic phone functions missing from WebOS that are available in the Android platform. If you can wait, the Nexus One will be available for Verizon in Spring, which totally kills the Pre Plus in every way possible.
    I don't think you are by any means "better off with the droid". My experience with the Droid was pretty terrible; lots of resets and no way to "kill apps" without having to download a seperate task manager. Not exactly an ideal way to manage background applications. Plus, I thought searching for Apps was terrible and the quality was pretty bad too.

    I agree, you could wait for the Nexus One which may be a better device. Then again, you could also wait for the iPhone 4 when it comes out for Verizon or the Palm Pre Plus 2. Or maybe even the Droid 2. The argument to wait is pretty worthless because if you wait you can always get a better phone, if you are looking to make a move now, that argument really doesn't help you out.
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