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    I had Droid from day 1. Got my Pre 2 days ago. WOW, this phone kicks **** and is so intuitive!!! I was waiting on the new tour, but Im over that!!! I am a heavy business user as well as play, this is the perfect phone for me. Do it if you havent already, (didnt read all the post prior)
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    what I don't like about my pre:

    notifications sounds are handle. I wana assign ringtones that end when the notification is addressed.

    custimization is limited to those who use homebrew (but I love homebrew)

    lag when opening/closing apps

    cannot create email/text lists w/o additional applications

    too many cards errors (shouldn't be a problem on the pre plus)

    other than those things I love this phone in everyway and I have trouble putting it down. Perhaps the best thing about it is how often Palm Updates the OS. I wouldn't be surprised if a number of my gripes are addressed in the coming months.
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    I messed with my friend's droid and loved it...except for the operating system....same with the moment and the clic...I don't mean to put android down, and I actually love the form factor of those headsets. But I like my pre and love web os...the only thing that would make me trade this phone in would be web os in a droid like phone....maybe even iphone style...I might give up all of that for a stainless steel manufactured current style pre....
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    I am not a zealot... I have both the Droid and the Pre. Each has it's
    advantages/disadvantages. Having to patch the pre to get it to do what
    it should do in the first place is a pain since you gotta unpatch at every
    update. The droid seems like a more complete phone but also has
    a windows kind of clunky experience. All in all I love them both. Far as I
    am concerned, it's more personal preference. If I *HAD* to chose between
    the two it would probably most likely be the Pre but since I don't, I am more
    than happy with both. IMHO once WebOS is mature it will be second to none.
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    i had a pre for sprint for a few months and loved it and when i went to verizon got the droid and had for a month. I miss by pre but cant get a pre plus for another 5 months if i were to switch back.

    honestly if by them pre plus started porting over alot of the apps from android or iphone i will switch then but for now i like the bigger screen and landscape keyboard of droid.

    i definately when i am able to get the pre will think about getting it and make use of the hotspots to use it with a brand new ipad snicker if you like but the ipad can be useful to me for i own no laptop and when i did everything the ipad does serves what i used it for
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    also wish i could safely overclock pre plus processor like i do my droid i am running at 1ghz with very little crashes
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    after owning both the pre and droid i have to say i like the droid more the pre has a nice os and multitasking is a breeze on it. but i have alot of options with the droid especially once its rooted i can change roms whenever i feel like it i have it overclocked to 1.1ghz etc. but once palm makes better hardware and the os matures i wouldnt doubt i will be back to palm their user interface is second to none
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    i love the pre , my first smart phone and i def made the right decision, i love the multitasking capabilities and now that the apps are booming i think the pre and webOS will be the beginning of something great..
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    Gmail really stinks on webos. If you don't mind not having server side search and not having your conversations managed as conversations then fine. However that's just email using a gmail address, not gmail. If you want to use the mobile site for gmail it's incredibly unforgivably buggy. Get ready to press refresh every time you want to do something.

    Let's not for get that one can't make contact groups with the pre. Sure you can log on to a website for that, but it's a phone and one shouldn't need to open a browser to make a call.

    To use visual voicemail you must first obtain an invite to google voice. No invite no visual voicemail. Therefore the pre doesn't have it. When I had android it would tell you who called and left a message and give you the option of pressing a button to delete. It didn't to any voice to text, but it was much better than the pre's sprint interface.

    Digital compasses have their use. It's nice to have the map oriented with the phone. It makes say constellation software and map software that much easier to use. And at this price it should have one. The lack of it isn't a deal breaker, but it is unfortunate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emedic View Post
    Anyone do this?
    I love my droid but the form factor blows. Just wondering if anyone has compared them directly. I only have 4 more days to decide. Help...
    I made the switch from Droid to the Pre Plus after having used the Droid for 2 months (thank goodness for Verizon's holiday extended return period) and am glad as hell that I made the switch.

    Sure, the Pre Plus has some issues, but in comparison to Android's bugs and current limitations, webOS is a clear winner.
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    I think your response a little obnoxious.

    I bought ver 1 iphone on launch day and have owned all three revisions. I also used the droid exclusively from the end f november until last week.

    the android market sucks imho. The pre store experience is more like the app store experience imho but much smaller (for now)

    I do know what I'm talking about.

    Quote Originally Posted by hinky View Post
    ROFLMAO. I love it when Pre owners compare it to the iPhone in places it has no business being compared. So what you're saying is that, like the iTunes app store, it has tons of fart, chick and useless applications but leaving out that there is only one WebOS application for every 90 iPhone apps. In no way is the Pre at the iPhone status and unfortunately it seems that it may be a long wait until the WebOS has all the essential apps you'd expect and at a level of functionality that approaches the iPhone. There are starts to the movement (Instant Messenger, task management, etc.) It's probably closer to the Andoid store as the OP is interested in but best to let Android owners confirm this.
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    Can this really be done?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwhall View Post
    Having to patch the pre to get it to do what
    it should do in the first place is a pain since you gotta unpatch at every
    Not any longer...with the autopatch system you no longer need to un-patch for updates. you can leave them alone for webOS updates now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    Not any longer...with the autopatch system you no longer need to un-patch for updates. you can leave them alone for webOS updates now.
    can you explain, I didn't know that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by southbaypalm View Post
    Can this really be done?
    Meant to quote the piece about puting the Sprint navigation on the Verizon phone.
    The Sprint navigation is great, but can it really work on the Verizon phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hattrick1953 View Post
    Just don't buy anything from the App Catalog. I downloaded 2 apps that hosed my phone and can't get my $15 back because they have a no return policy. I had to have the phone replaced and they won't give me my money back and I've owned a Palm 650, 755, Centro and now a Pre.
    I'm actually thinking of going the Droid way. Other than the form factor, any issues with it?
    That seems pretty strange. I've downloaded several apps from the catalog and they work just fine. You're supposed to contact the vendor about problems, and if you don't hear back, then you're free to get on the web and complain or rate their apps down. If you were installing 1 star apps with lots of negative comments, then I'd imagine you got what you paid for. If you're going to play fast and loose, get web doctor and reflash your device. It's not that hard to do. Do a sync and all your stuff comes back. I haven't heard of any apps bricking a Pre yet, though.

    That said, my little sister called my Pre the other night with her Droid, and I could barely make her out. The interference was ridiculous, and she lives in Seattle. She used to call me with her old WM Treo and she had none of that interference. One of the only things that I could make out were "I hate this stupid phone". It was on her end, and she complained that the interference was ridiculously bad with her phone. Other than that, Android is pretty much the suck for gaming, Palm provided a much easier route for porting 3D games over to their platform from iPhone. Android is kind of the suck for a lot of things, really. Not to mention that it seems highly likely that Google is going to push Chrome because financially, it could make more revenue for Google and force better brand lock-in than Android can.

    Considering all the features Palm is adding to the Pre with the 1.4 release, it seems like a person should wait and see for a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    So in your opinion, what are the downsides of the Droid? Just curious.
    I promise you that you need to take a few things said on THIS forum with a grain of salt. Go look at a Droid forum because there will be less bias. Same thing if you are trying to figure out what is to like/dislike about Blackberry - go look at a Blackberry forum. I am not saying that this particular forum is bad - I am just saying everyones views are slanted towards the Pre here.

    As a Pre > Hero > Droid user I want to say a few things about it all.

    Someone in this thread said it takes 5 finger presses to exit out of an application on the Droid. It actually only takes 1 finger press to get back to the home screen. If you want to switch between running application it takes 2 finger presses.

    The onscreen keyboard for the Droid is not as good as the Hero's in my opinion but still better then the Pre's. The hardware keyboard is not the best on the market but for my personal usage I find it much easier to use the the Pre. The Pre keyboard was way to small for me.

    I feel the Pre still requires you to micromanage your memory. Make sure you swipe cards away or else your going to end up with to many card errors. Android handles this for you, there is no need to run any task managers or micromanage resources.

    I feel the Droid out performs the Pre in everything the two devices do. Navigation is quicker, web browsing is quicker, making a phone call is quicker, downloading and installing apps is way quicker, looking at a calendar is quicker. I felt the Hero on the other hand was about on par with the Pre performance wise. I feel the Droids GPS is more accurate and less error prone then the Pre's.

    Android has a fairly steep learning curve; there are lots of options and many different ways of performing the same task. I think a lot of negative reviews around here are from people with first impressions who really did not know how to operate the device he or she was using. I am not saying it's a difficult platform to learn - I am just saying that with out some detailed hands on experience you are never going to get the full story and this goes for any device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dkotoric1 View Post
    can you explain, I didn't know that.
    They announced it just the other day here on Precentral, front page.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyidaho View Post
    I promise you that you need to take a few things said on THIS forum with a grain of salt. Go look at a Droid forum because there will be less bias.
    Ha ha ha! Really? If you want less bias, go to a site without an instant brand loyalty built in. What makes Android users less biased about their phones than Palm users? Going to an Android forum is just switching Android bashers for fans.

    As for "feeling" something outperforms something else, without quoting actual numbers...that's really just a person's preference or based on someone's perception.

    As for the person you replied to...the only good advice is to go to the store and spend 20 minutes with both phones. That's the only good advice anyone can give someone. If they feel the UI for Android makes more sense to them, then a Droid or Nexus might be the way to go. If the Pre works better for them, then they should go that route. I'd warn someone, though, you've got to use a Pre or a Droid for more than a few months to really get the whole picture. What seems awesome in the Verizon store may not feel so awesome 3 months down the road. I made the decision early on, from many years of smartphone experience, that I wanted the phone that gave me the most features + most potential for growth because the market would force that phone to improve the most over time. Palm's dedicated focus on making the webOS platform better really sold me and kept me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennyidaho View Post
    I promise you that you need to take a few things said on THIS forum with a grain of salt......
    I was trying to get the OP's opinion. Everything he listed as a downside to the Pre were software related and fixable. Android is far more mature than webOS....and for webOS to come pretty darn close in just 6 months is really saying soemthing about the poential improvements that teaking the OS could bring.
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